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At James Cardiff Locksmith one of the many services that we provide non-stop around the clock is opening vehicles. This Ranges through all the major makes of Cars and Vans. As we operate non - stop we aim to have you back in your car or van as quickly as possible with the least amount of disruption to your day evening or night, Auto Car Locksmith In Cardiff

   Auto Program

Auto Car Key Programming. We can program car keys at the roadside with no wait times. Convenient if you have lost your one and only Car Key.

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James is one of the dedicated locksmiths In Cardiff who can do Car locksmithing. While offering years of experience. 

Auto Locksmith Car Opening

  Car Keys Locked In

Locked your Car keys inside your Car. We come and open your Car or make you a complete new key. James your dedicated Auto Locksmith.

There is no feeling like it, of being able to see your keys in your vehicle but having no way of getting to them other than destructive entry by smashing the glass. In this case, the smashing of the glass would cost a few hundred pounds to replace but our service offers entry to the vehicle within 20 minutes on average and is the cheaper option with no cleaning up.

We are Cardiff Emergency Car Locksmith

We hold the latest tools to get that vehicle you locked, open, which starts from laser precision picks to basic bypassing of the lock. Which way we decide to use will open the vehicle in the shortest time.

Car locks are made slightly different from normal house locks. A normal rim cylinder lock in your house is made up of roughly 5 to 6 tiny pins. Were as Car locks have many different styles to how they are made. The normal way which most older cars have is that they are made up of Wafers, Wafers come in many shapes and sizes and can range in numbers depending on the vehicle. Wafers for cars and vans are mainly double sides as this increases the security of the vehicle.

Another lock that is common for vehicles is the disk detainer lock, This lock is mainly found on Ford vehicles such as Transits and Focus. This lock is made completely different from usual locks as it works via moving disks. This is known as the Ford Tibbe Key. Newer Cars and Vehicles need specially adapted tools which one tool that will only suit one make of car, These tools are made from top precision engineering as new locks for vehicles are made from higher graded moving parts and are not as easily accessible to open like older locks.

Reprogramming New Keys Cardiff

New Keys for Cars vans and Automobiles which have most recently been made need to be programmed direct to the Car through specialist diagnostic equipment this is something which James Cardiff Locksmith specialises in. We operate this locksmith technique in and around Cardiff, Newport, Penarth, Barry and all surrounding areas.

60% of today's modern cars can be programmed through specialist ports within the interior of the car which allows auto locksmiths to make a lost key situation easy profitable for themselves which also makes you a very happy customer enabling you to be back on the road within a few hours after happily having a good service of a lost key situation from a locksmiths service.

40% of today's cars hold firewalls in the way and have security devices which won't allow you to have communication with the cars ECU to program a new key into the car without having an existing one. This is what separates our Cardiff Locksmiths service from the rest we offer more chances of getting your car or van started and opened in an emergency than many other locksmiths services in our area as we have a vast amount of different lost key situations for many cars. These Range up to BMW's of 2011 and many other top of the range cars such as Audi Q7.

In any locksmiths emergency were you require our help we will also offer a quick emergency time to get to you within. Whether it is Locked out of your Car and Keys are in the boot or it may be Lost keys or even Keys have been stolen and you require a new key and all previous keys to be deleted from the Cars memory. 07967725135 James the Locksmiths who always try to help. We also run a new service which our highly skilled locksmiths do which is the Slam lock Opening which is one the majority of Courier and Builders Vans.


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Broken Car Key

If you Broke your Car key whether it be malicious or accidental we can replace 90% of car keys at the roadside. We will cut a completely new key blade and then program the new car key to the car or whatever vehicle it may be. Keys may show some physical damage or none at all either way our locksmiths in Cardiff can test the key's functionality to see whether a signal is being admitted or not to diagnose any fault if one does exist. Our independent locksmiths can have you driving your car again in little time.

There Are 3 Types Of Keys for Cars

Laser Cut Keys

Found on new type automobiles or Cars. These were introduced to cars due to the weakness of previous types of keys. These are cut with a specialist machine to required depth and length. Laser-cut keys do not get cut by a laser machine but are cut on a specialist machine, The name laser cut only refers to the type of the key due to it being looked like it had been cut with a laser. These keys can be cut to code from a code given in your handbook. If no code is present we can either contact the manufacture direct on your behalf or pick the lock to get the code immediately. James Cardiff Locksmith can do replacement Car Keys for a wide range of vehicles.

Side Cut Keys

emergency locksmith cardiff key cutting for carsFound mainly on older types of vehicles but are still in very much circulation today but becoming more and more out of fashion due to most laser cut keys having the privilege of being a flip key. Sidecut keys are cut using a different type of machine to laser cut keys. James locksmith Cardiff is able to cut these keys on the spot if ever required from an existing key. Like laser cut keys there should be a code in the vehicle's handbook which resembles the cuts for the keys if in any instance you lost all keys for your vehicle or If no keys can be copied and no code is available we your locksmith in Cardiff can contact the manufacture directly on your behalf and request the code and make up a new key for yourself. James Your Locksmith in Cardiff can make these keys for replacement at the roadside

Electronic Keys / Keyless Entry / Remote Keys

24 hours locksmiths in CardiffThese types of keys are found mostly on higher ended vehicles such as Mercedez and BMW but can also be found on some of the lower budget vehicles such as the Renault Megane. The Megane's Keyless entry Card is forever suffering from defects on the card which either needs replacing or repairing some time in each and every cars lifetime. As this type of entry keyless entry and start is on a card which is plastic it tends to bend when in your pocket which either breaks the whole of the components inside the card or snaps 1 or 2 of the prongs connecting the motherboard to the battery which makes the card inactive. These types of cards work completely off frequency rather than key cuts in a key with a transponder like the majority of keys for cars.

Immobiliser Faults Cardiff, Barry, Newport

These are very common in vehicles and all newly made vehicles will hold one and even older cars and vans. Immobilisers can be very good to have as if someone gains access to your vehicle and tries to start it, the Immobiliser realizes that the key fob is not present and Immobilises the vehicle from starting. There are loads of good facts to why all vehicles should have an Immobiliser fitted but the negative point of having one is that, If it breaks down and fails to work properly then you are unable to start the vehicle and it can be an expensive fix from a garage. We Can also Change Car Locks at the roadside

Mercedes Benz Key Programming

James Cardiff Locksmith is one of the fastest-growing locksmiths in Cardiff as we try our best to keep solely to Emergency locksmith work in Cardiff we have newly updated our skills. One of the new skills which we have currently updated is key programming. which now allows us to take on Mercedes Benz keys. One of the best locksmiths in Cardiff can now come to you whether be homework or at road site in a desperate Emergency to program you a new key to your Mercedes Benz whether you have lost the only key you had or to program you in a second.


Cars And Vehicles We Unlock in an Emergency by our LocksmithsAuto Locksmith Manufactures

Key Profiles - Auto Locksmith Cardiff

Each make of car holds its own independent key profile which makes them unique such as Vauxhall is HU100, Ford is HU101, Peugeot is VAT2, Audi is HU66, and so on and so on for the rest of the makes. The Key profiles can be the same for a couple of makes. The HU66 can also be the profile for Seat, Volkswagen, and Audi. Hu101 can not only be the key profile for Ford but also Range Rover. Each profile of key holds its own characteristic like thickness, width, length, and how many cuts need to be placed into it to match the wafers of the lock. For example, a Hu101 key blank needs to have 10 cuts to match 10 wafers in the lock while a HU100 needs to have 8 cuts to match 8 wafers in the lock. We are the Auto Locksmith Near you.

Emergency Callout - Auto Locksmith

As James Cardiff Locksmith is one of South Wales's largest independent Auto locksmiths in Cardiff companies we provide an Auto Emergency Callout. You can call James Locksmith Cardiff 365 days a year 24 hours a day we only provide our mobile number. Please call us anytime at 07967725135. This makes it possible for customers to always get through to us in that desperate emergency time when you and they will require our help and service. If you have had your car keys stolen or have even Lost your Car keys please call for a free quote

Car Key Not Working

Having a failed car key can be rather frustrating, especially if you are in a rush on that particular day or time. Even though people suspect their car key to have broken, this is not always the case. We here at James Cardiff Locksmith have seen in many situations where the car key is not broken at all. People are in the belief that just because their car won't start this is down to the Key, but 90% of the time is not. If your car won't start, it is an ideal situation for you to call a recovery company rather than a locksmith as they have far more in-depth diagnostic machines than us Locksmiths. After you have had a diagnostics put on the car and the technician will usually give you further advice on whom to call from the dealership, mechanic to even us, locksmiths.

When we come out, we will check to see if the car key gives off a signal if no signal is given of this is a good indication that the Key is broken and in need of a new one. If the key signal is strong we will then check the ignition coil is also giving off a signal this is to make sure that when the Key is inserted into the ignition that the car can read the key message. If both of these checks are okay, then it is not usually a key-related issue.


Car Opened After the locksmith picked it Tom Losing Jerrys Car KeyThe Names Of The Clients

This is Tom and Jerry

After Tom Was in control Of his Girlfriend Jerry’s Car key, they had a night out in Cardiff from Wrexham. Tom had accidentally misplaced the key, as he called it, on the night out, but Jerry seemed to believe that Tom had lost it. Later the next day, they still couldn’t find it and checked everywhere, they had been that evening and night in the hope it could be found too Jerrys 2012 Vauxhaul Astra (Yellow Edition) Non-limited edition, which was parked in St Davids 2 Car park.

After the normal discussion about who was to blame, they both came to the realization they needed a locksmith in this case, in particular, an Auto Locksmith who was available on the same day to get Jerry's Car started for her to drive it home. Unsure whether Tom was catching a lift at this time due to the nature of the situation with the strong sense of who was to be blamed.

Tom and Jerry called James Cardiff Locksmith for our services and we met all of their criteria, in they needed an Emergency Auto Locksmith in Cardiff, that we held a key in stock for this Car and many others. For a same-day service.

Our Locksmith service vehicle could not enter the Car Park due to the height restriction, but this made it no less impossible for our locksmith to use the stairs, which had no-effect on the locksmith other than sore legs. As the needed the exercise.

Our professional locksmith showed up in no time and got the job well done and completed, which made Jerry happy and Tom even more so, as now we believe he may have had his lift home. (Which was never ever confirmed).

Another Job was completed by your Locksmith In Cardiff / James.

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