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What Vauxhall Vehicles We Supply Keys For

Vauxhall Auto Locksmith

  • Astra G,H, J, K
  • Combo
  • Insignia 
  • Corsa B,C, D, E
  • Mokka 
  • Meriva
  • Combo
  • Movana 
  • Vivaro
  • Zafira
  • Tigra
  • Croslander

These are just a few of the Vauxhall vehicles our auto locksmiths service deal with in making new and replacement keys for. If your Vauxhall car or van isn't listed please don't hesitate on calling us to discuss if we can make you a new key for your vehicle. 

Lost Vauxhall Key

When or if you have lost your Vauxhall key or keys, we can do a usual replacement the same. Most dealers cannot do this due to needing special car codes or not having the correct parts in stock. 

When you call an Auto Locksmith we have access to obtain Car key codes and pin codes for the vehicle at a quicker rate and have equipment and knowledge to bypass certain criteria which a dealer would need to gain access to the immobiliser of the vehicle.  Our software for Vauxhall vehicles is up to date with the Cars being brought out, Being the Vauxhall Corsa E and the Astra K. We always do our best to have keys for these vehicles in our stock to give you the best chance of having the same day key replacement service. 

Broken Vauxhall Key 

If you have broken your car / Van key our expert locksmiths can fix the majority of keys without any issues and hardly ever the need to order any parts. Our mobile Workshop is mostly stocked with common keys, Vauxhall key parts being part of that. From doing this not always is a total brand new key needed,  Which would incur greater costs for the customer from total keys replacement with added programming costs from the locksmith. We try to do our best to keep costs as low as possible. Which keeps our customers satisfied. 

Lost / Broken, key Blade

Keys blades falling out of keys or keys blades having snapped of Vauxhall keys is not one of the most common key problems we see and especially not for Vauxhall keys. This being stated we have seen them snap and been lost. If this has happened to you, please don't panic and believe you are the first. We have come across this situation before and I'm sure our locksmiths will deal with this problem again after helping your self. Our aim would be to try and be with your self if you are in dire need and this is believed to be an emergency. We will make you a new key blade at the roadside fix it back into your existing key making this an effortless problem. If you are not in an urgent situation for instance you have a spare car key or can wait for a specific time, as the vehicle is not in use. You can arrange with James Cardiff Locksmith a time and date suited best for yourself to come and fix your car key. 

Astra J And Insignia Key Issue

The Vauxhall Astra J and Vauxhall Insignia are famous for the keys snapping on the shoulder between the key blade and the key case. This is in fact a weak point on the keys as this is where tension is consistently applied from inserting the key into the ignition. 

EEPROM Vauxhall Cars

If our locksmiths are struggling to reprogram a car key into the system via the ECU, BCM or the Instrument Cluster. We can sometimes perform something called a technique called an EEPROM on the Vehicle Immobiliser System. The usual way in which a key is programmed to the car is from the obd socket. On older Vauxhall cars rather than newer ones' communication from our machinery to the car cannot be obtained. This is where the EEPROM  technique is handy to us locksmiths. We take out the module in which the immobile is located for the vehicle on which we are working on. Then program the car key direct to it rather than using the OBD socket trying to find its way through the Can Bus system or Analogue as the circuits may be damaged in some shape or form. 

EEPROM For Trade

If you are a Trader, Mechanic or An Auto Locksmith we supply EEPROM work for all trades. We ask that you call us first to make sure it is a module we cover for EEPROM work and then we can advise on what to do next. We supply this service for most of the Vauxhall Car range. Our Locksmiths are experts in Immobiliser repairs. 

Stolen Vauxhall Key

Having anything stolen is always one of the worst situations to be in. The feeling is always a terrible feeling to have, aswell as having to replace the stolen property which could even be worse providing you haven't insurance and the cost is coming from your own money. 

James Cardiff Locksmith provides a 24 hr emergency service for any keys which gets stolen. Which includes the majority of Vauxhall Vehicles. We can replace your old stolen car key with a brand new one and also delete the old out of the Cars memory ECU. So no one can drive away in your Vauxhall Car. We advise all people who have had their Car keys stolen to ring an Auto Locksmith straight away to deal with the situation. James Cardiff Locksmith provides Auto Locksmtih Services through out the whole of Cardiff and Surrounding Areas. 

Vehicles We Can Cover 

If you own a Vauxhall vehicle and have suspected that the battery has been flat a few times or not continually used then you may find one day you go to start it and nothing happens. The first and everyone's impression is that the key is broken. The lights on the dash will light up as per usual a key symbol may flash but not always which indicates that corrupted data has happened. Our Locksmiths can get your vehicle up and running. 

ECU, BCM, ABS, Immobiliser Codding

On many of the Vauxhall older car range what actually happens is one of the modules loses their synchronisation to the vehicle and data gets corrupted which is why the key sign appears. The key sign rarely has anything to do with the key or immobiliser of the vehicle. James Cardiff Locksmith whose Auto Locksmiths Choice in Cardiff can code all the modules back into the system without taking it to any dealerships. This can be done at the side of the road and have all the modules connected back into one another within an hour normally. So the Car can start up once again. We can also do an Emergency Auto Locksmith service if booking one of our locksmiths in isn't convenient and you need to be back up and running asap.