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Car Lock Replacement

Ford Focus 2017 Lock Replaced We attended a 2017 Ford Focus, the door lock of which had been broken due to an attempted break-in to the car. In this instance, no one could enter the vehicle, but a broken lock was left behind. James Cardiff Locksmith was able to get a genuine new part and suit this new door lock to the original key code that matched the ignition.     Fortunately, there was no emergency in this instance, as the key fob still operated the locking system from the remote. As the customer of the Car had previously experienced flat battery issues, she decided that it would be best to resolve the locking problem as soon as possible.    

Christmas Is Approaching

Christmas 2023 is Fast approaching. We would like to wish everyone a happy Merry Christmas for 2023, moving into the new year to the welcoming of 2024. This is the time to make time for friends family, and all loved ones. Also to show love and care to all even if they have not shown it. Christmas is the time for forgiveness and cherish happy moments.  Please to everyone this Christmas show, Kindness   If you manage to find yourself locked out this Christmas please remember that James Cardiff Locksmith is and will be still open to help with all emergencies and only Emergencies. Our Services includes Cars houses and business premises / Long to short that anything which has a lock on it. Remeber that we are 24 hours.

Locksmiths I.D Badges

Our New Locksmith I.D Badges Has Arrived   All James Cardiff Locksmiths employees now have to carry I.D badges as mandatory parts of their uniform. We have implemented this decision to make sure all of our locksmiths carry out this task, as it has come to our attention that not only do our customers feel safer and at ease of seeing one of our locksmith engineers wearing one. But also that it is more practical and professional for our company of locksmiths serving the public of Cardiff to uphold its professionalism and looks of being one of the best independent locksmith companies about.      

Locksmith Service - Operating As Usual

Locksmith On Holiday - NOT JAMES CARDIFF LOCKSMITH ON HOLIDAY James the primary locksmith to James Cardiff Locksmith, is on holiday this week. Nevertheless, James Cardiff Locksmith is still opening its 24-hour, 7 Days week Emergency and non emergency service. The Service is still and will always be in safe hands from our secondary locksmith Dan who is well proven to be good in all aspects of locksmithing. For all your locksmiths inquiries and needs please Call us our phone line has not changed and we will answer and serve you with your locksmith needs in accordance.   07967725135 Thank you James Cardiff Locksmith    

Microwaved Key

Hero Locksmith Tims Car Is Staying Attended this brand new Ford Kuga Were Tim thought it was best to put his keys in the Microwave over night to stop the signal of thieves amplifying his signal of his pride and Joy. Really what Tim didn't know that his wife didn't really like the colour red and decided to turn on the Microwave. James Cardiff locksmith put that great big smile back on Tim's face after we program keys to brand new vehicles and in this case this Brand new out of showroom Ford Vehcle Car Key Replacement, even when they had been MICROWAVED . Tim 1 - Wife 0 James Cardiff Locksmith - Rated to be one of the best Car Locksmiths In Cardiff  

Courtesy and Secondary Engineer Vehicle

Auto Locksmith Car Cardiff James, your Cardiff Locksmith, has a new service vehicle to our range of automobiles. We are the only locksmith in Cardiff that can offer customers a Courtesy Car when they need a vehicle when they have lost their keys to their car. Not always is finding your keys the priority but getting to the next destination is. As long as our courtesy vehicle is available, we can usually have it at your place of work or where ever you might be within a few hours.  As well as being a Courtesy vehicle for James, your Emergency Locksmiths service, we also use this car as an Engineer vehicle so you may just see us out and about doing one or more lockouts. Please stop by and say hello if you manage to find us. 

Winter Locksmith Kit

Winter 2022 Emergency Locksmiths  While we are set in the middle of winter with Christmas upcoming, Problems are ever-growing, as well as joy, Happiness, and of course, getting ourselves Locked Out and in need of an Emergency Locksmith.  Not all problems this winter concerning locks will require you to need James Cardiff Locksmith, Especially Auto and Car Locksmith urgencies. Doors and locks freeze up on all locks and at one time another; we can say this either has or will happen to us. If you find you have a manual key and you insert it into the lock and either it won't go in all the way, or it won't turn. This will be down to the frost in the lock, which needs to be removed. We recommend you squirt WD40 and Deicer into the lock at 2-minute intervals, and eventually, the frost will break down, allowing you to open the lock. Whether it is a House lock or an Auto / Car Lock. We don't recommend you use our services until you have had a go at this. This would be one of the first things we would try to open up your lock before using any of our other locksmithing skills. Our customers often feel like they need an urgent locksmith out straight away who is going to have to replace the locks. Still, truth be told, the lock is fine, and the ice and frost are the problem due to being a foreign object, so opening the lock rectifies this issue.   

New Office All Up and Running

Hi, We want to let you all know that we have moved premises entirely and have a new address which is well furnished for all of our demanding locksmith needs. Our New address is now 26 Pendine Road, Cardiff, Cf5 4BP. Please come and have a chat with us if you need us.

Bonfire Week

Another week here at James Cardiff Locksmith we've been all over the south wales area helping our wonderful customers. Our expert team have been kept very busy from helping people locked out of their cars to helping update there security. As the early nights draw in its always a great idea to keep and eye on your security as november and december have been labelled the worst months for burglaries with insurance companies seeing a 21 percent of claims over the last 7 years having taken place during these months. So keep safe and remember if you need our help were only a phone call away.  

Emergency Lock Change Locksmith

Lock Change Locksmith James Being one of the top-rated locksmiths in Cardiff has a full amount of unusual stock allocated for that time of emergency if you ever find yourself stuck in a situation for whatever reason needing a lock change. We can usually have one of our employees out within the hour to do whatever locksmith service you are in need of. From getting you back in your house or changing every lock on your home. We carry all accredited qualifications, tools, and stock needed. We are the professional locksmiths in Cardiff.  Here We have a Scandinavian lock; this customer of ours had tried several locksmiths that day as she required an immediate lock change due to her reasons. All over, locksmiths did not have any in stock and were required to order them, which would take several days some locksmiths had not even ever seen this type of lock before. When this customer rang us, we said we had them in stock and could fit herself in that day which she was overwhelmed about as she had her security ack in order and could feel safe once again in her own home.   

Long Locksmith Week

Long Locksmith Week As being Cadiffs most reviewed auto locksmith, this week has been overwhelmingly busy with Emergency Locksmith requests and Non. Our locksmiths have had a severely nonstop long week. Which included several cars to unlock which keys were locked inside. Opening of houses keys being lost and others being inside, Car keys being programmed to a Mercedes C Class convertible. The owner being in the belief the keys had been locked in the boot but when our trained locksmith opened the boot from non-destructive entry, Keys could not be found. Being a professional locksmith we programmed a key into the ESI and disabled all other keys within the system which disabled the keys nonpresent from starting the vehicle if later found we could later re-write and enable them again to start the vehicle and later work. From only being halfway through the week one of our locksmiths is back at the Somerset training center facility to undertake more training on Car systems. This will incur us and our locksmith company to help when suspected immobilizer issues arise. James Cardiff Locksmith is not scared to admit we do not know everything and that training is a part of making progress. We believe every day we are learning and always trying to make our skills increase.

Locked Car Keys Inside Car

Car Keys Locked In - Need A Locksmith  Car and vehicle keys getting locked inside has always been one job that a locksmith is constantly needed for. We attended this job to unlock this gentleman's car when keys had accidentally been locked inside. We can pick cars to unlock the vehicle as if the key was in our hands no damage is done. Our Auto locksmiths are highly skilled at this.  In these cases when car keys have been locked in vehicles locksmiths see more of these jobs due to people when locking their keys inside their houses often have several escape routes before calling a locksmith such as another family member or neighbor having an additional key. Usually, people only have one key to their vehicle, and a second being cut and programmed to the car is very expensive. So often don't go through with having one extra done as with a house key you can get these cut at most DIY stores.     

Training Undertaken - Auto

Training For us Auto Locksmiths, Most people who use our services are in desire belief that we know absolutely everything about the Auto Mobile / Car this is absolutely incorrect. We have a small understanding of the mechanical side of the vehicle and electrical components but not a great deal. Like Anybody in whatever trade we are all still learning no matter how much we know. No One knows everything. James Cardiff Locksmith has been an established locksmith company in Cardiff for many years and still come across new problems with the same faults and a range of different conclusions.  A lot of the time vehicles don't start for some reason or other and this is automatically believed to be the Car key or immobilizer system. It is very small times we actually come to a conclusion of this actually being the right possible cause. 9 times out of 10 it has nothing to do with the keys or immobilizer system.  Our Auto Locksmiths see this on a number of occasions per week. We have decided to do some training on the Diagnostics side to give customers a better understanding of why their vehicle does not start when they have believed it to be a problem with the key or immobilization of the Car.  Training Program  We have signed up for a new learning program from established Tech topics with a wise Trainer Rob Drinkwater to hopefully get our diagnostics skills upgraded to find your vehicle / Car faults faster when they are unable to start. This is a year-long program so by the end we should have a much better chance of getting you on the road faster when your car is unable to start and which don't run into key-related issues.  So why is a locksmith doing a diagnostic course on cars, The answer is simple we attend jobs that people believe to be key-related but we know as soon as we test the key and immobilizer components it is nothing to do with them but an unrelated issue which we cant find the cause too. So we would like to give an accurate conclusion to the reasoning behind why the Car or vehicle is not starting on one visit alone. 

2022 Happy NEW YEAR

James Cardiff Locksmith Welcomes a New Year  We welcome everyone into the new year as much as we look forward, entering into it. After last night watching all the celebrations, we look high into knowing what this year will bring us all with high hopes arising. We will like to remind everyone to enjoy the new coming year and make time for family and friends as well as everyone self-time. One acknowledgement that we have learnt from 2021 is that time does not stand still and will not wait for anyone. Please give a little time to things you love and enjoy as time does not last forever.  On that note, we are continuing to commit 2022 as of 2021 to locksmithing for all Auto Locksmith needs and Domestic needs. With most Locksmith needs undertaken from our services at James Cardiff Locksmith. For some reason, one question which we get asked regularly is do we do Domestic works. The short answer is yes. We started out as a Domestic Locksmith before we started the trade of an Auto Locksmith we have had more years of experience doing domestic than Auto or Car locksmithing but for some reason people think James Cardiff Locksmith is an Auto Locksmith Company but we do actually so much more than Auto and Domestic. 

Locked Out - Groom And Dad

; Cardiff Bay is the destination this young man and his great supporters for his stag due had been locked out of. After arriving from Scotland in Cardiff and arranging to stay in an Air B and B in Cardiff Bay. Father and Son had left both of their keys back inside, the property which meant the entire host of supporters had been locked out. Not a problem after they search for locksmith Cardiff through the internet and find us. They initially said that how many they had called and been unsuccessful due to no one answering as being so late. We reassured them that we work 24 hours a day and always try to have a locksmith on hand always.  We arrived at their destination in no time within, 40 minutes of time from a phone call. We initially pulled into the street and seen so many people and how to do a quick phone call as we weren't too sure if there was some sort of party and we had arrived at the wrong address. After a quick conversation with the groom's father we realized we were in the correct location.  15 minutes later we were packing up all our tools and getting back into our locksmith service vehicle after a fast successful opening. No locks need changed or replaced as non-destructive entry was given.  The Groom, his family, friends, and all his supporters of 20 personnel were very happy of getting back in and to be out of the cold after an adventurous great night as they disclosed. 

Emergency Door Opening + Locks Change

Lost / Stolen House Keys  Our experienced locksmith was able to attend to this Door after the keys had been lost but the customer wasn't too sure if the keys might have been stolen. Within the hour James the locksmith from James Cardiff Locksmith was able to get to the location and open both locks sufficiently. 2 locks Opened  One lock being a standard Nightlatch which our locksmith service sees a lot of. We can pick these and bypass them rather quickly. The second lock being a mortice lock, This lock was a 5 lever British standard lock which is rather hard to pick and open but our locksmith service was able to open this one in a non-destructive manner within 25minuites. As the lock is also on the right-hand side of the door which makes it is rather more difficult for us to open.  2 Locks Changed  As the keys might have been stolen it was good practice for the locks to be changed rather than always having the doubt of note changing them. In this circumstance, the customer did have another set of keys inside the property but decided to have them changed regardless which our locksmiths fully supported her decision on this matter. 

Iveco Truck - Lost Keys - Programmed In

Auto Locksmith - All Lost Keys Iveco Truck  With our improved locksmith skill and up to date machinery we are getting more and more advanced with our locksmithing technology and advanced locksmith techniques. We are now fully capable of programming keys into trucks. If you have lost your keys to your van / Truck please do not hesitate to call us. Even if other people and companies have failed to programme a key into the system please do not hesitate to call. Not all companies are fully equipped to manage the programming of vehicles, James Cardiff Locksmith has the knowledge base and programmes to make most jobs we attend successfully.       

Local School Losing Keys

Lost Keys - Lock Opened and Replaced  Today we had to attend a local school which we previously had to do work at before. The school thought of James Cardiff Locksmith as a highly reputable company as to why they used us before and now. The school local to Cardiff needed our locksmith's services due to a member of their staff losing the only key to the door pictured. As this was not an emergency they had booked us in for a convenient time.  When arrived we were taken to the room situated with the lock. We opened the lock using our specialist's tools then changed it for a replacement leaving 3 new keys with the members of staff at the school. We advise anyone who only has one key to a lock to get replacements keys cut rather than losing the only one and needing a complete lock change and opening the lock. Here at James Locksmith Cardiff, we offer a range of services one which is key cutting.     

Emergency Board Up

Last Night Call - Emergency Call to board up Velux Window  Around 3 am this morning 11/03/2021 we had a call from a very distressed lady explaining how her Velux roof window had been smashed from a loose ridge tile falling off her roof onto her single story extension. As we offer a 24 hr emergency locksmiths service we also offer other emergency works around the clock which ones of also includes Emergency Boarding up.  Respond Time Of The Locksmith  After the initial answer from one of our locksmiths here at James Cardiff Locksmith, the lady was more than satisfied that one of the team would be at her home within the hour to help sort the issue of the broken window allowing all the elements into our home.  James one of our team of locksmiths arrived at the detailed address in Canton 45 minutes after the phone call and receiving the address which needed attendance.  Dealing With The Job The Emergency Locksmith, James did a quick examination of the job and discussed all options with the client and a resolution was quickly determined.  All excessive glass was removed from the broken damaged window. A 3/4 inch plyboard was cut to cover the glass area with an overhang of 4 inches on either side was given to not allow any rainfall in through small draught lines. The Plyboard was fixed directly into the top of the Velux to stop any lateral wind in lifting up the ply and taking it of the selected area. Plenty of fixings was used with the appropriate size fixings.  Completion Of Board Up  Our customer was more than satisfied with the completed job which they would later raise with the insurance company on what to do next. We tidied all-glass debris before leaving making sure no sharp or dangerous material was exposed. Here at James Cardiff Locksmith with offer more services than just an average Locksmith with our extensive range of services. Call NOW 07967725135

Unlocking Doors

Doors Unlocked In Cardiff After lockdown is slowly easing, James Cardiff Locksmith is seeing an increase in the need for our locksmith services throughout Cardiff. This week we have seen a few extra calls for customers of ours getting locked out and leaving their keys inside there homes. People have been so thankful to our locksmiths for still continuing through these uncertain times. All of us here are so thankful to all keyworkers for doing their part especially the NHS and their Staff. We are extremely pleased to see things slowly going back to normal.  During a relaxing weekend which we are still on call to unlock doors, Make vehicle keys.  We have made a fabulous Cake with princess Isabella. During a relaxing weekend of only emergency work, we have had time to make one excellent cake. Congratulations Isabella on that great tasting, perfection Cake. 

Locked Your Keys In Your Car.

Locked Your Keys In Your Car. Having locked your keys in your car is not unusual. If you find your self having done this you will certainly need some sort of expert professional. As well as a locksmith who is the indefinite people who deal with these issues mostly, some roadside breakdown recovery companies can open your vehicle. It is always worth a check if you have joined some sort of breakdown recovery to see if you are covered in your policy for them to attend to get your car keys out. James The Locksmith in Cardiff can open cars safely, Fast and Efficiently. Not always is using a non-professional person the best option due to damage to the door or vehicle you should always use a professional locksmith or competent person.    Locked Your Car Keys In Your Boot. On many of the higher-end cars such as BMW and Mercedes in particular. Having locked you Keys in your boot and being locked out is very easily done. Which many people believe would never happen to them until one day it does. A Locksmith In Cardiff Can easily open locked doors with ease and James your auto locksmith can attend your emergency when you have accidentally locked your keys in your boot. Opening Cars to gain access and retrieve keys is a simple procedure for James Locksmith Cardiff. People are under the impression that you cannot lock your keys in your car or car boot on certain cars. This is far from the truth as possible. James your local Cardiff locksmith have never currently seen any cars or vehicles which stops yours from doing this. Even if we did we would never as you to attempt or try this due to there may be some sort of sensor down or fault with the car.  In past jobs, we have seen a selected few people who have attempted this and needed our help for key retrieval after their attempt goes horribly wrong.  Please if you find yourself having done this, DO NOT PANIC.  CALL JAMES ON 07967725135  

Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas From our Locksmiths  Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year from everyone at the team of James Locksmith Cardiff. We are still working hard here as your local emergency locksmith Cardiff Company, And we would like to say our hours have not changed but we would ask that only call if you do have an emergency needs for our service. We have less staff on the road and would like for our staff locksmiths to all have a nice break this year due to working hard of the upkeep of helping Cardiff Residents Businesses and Students. Currently, over the Christmas holidays, we have attended a number of people getting locked out and one customer losing there Car Key so please call if you are in need of our service. 

James The Locksmith

People often refer to James Lamb from James Cardiff Locksmith as James The Locksmith, James is a local guy from Cardiff who has been doing Locksmithing for several years now, Since he was 15 to be exact. He first came into locksmithing from a hobby of Lock Sport which would involve other people with lock picking skills to see if they could pick certain locks which others would share locks to one another.   

Using a Self Locking Latch

How To Lock And Unlock Self Locking Latches James Cardiff Locksmith are forever seeing People Snap their keys in these Mechanisms which Self Lock from the Latch. Clients of ours are under the belief that as soon as they shut the door that the door is Automatically Locked which Is in fact a complete misimpression and completely as far from the actual truth as possible. The Door is Not Locked From The Latch on these doors. You still have to lock the door.  Example 1 - You come home and are in dire need of a toilet so just shut the door behind your self the door is not locked but the self-locking latch is in use. This is okay as you have just entered your home intend to lock the door later on but want peace of mind no one can just walk in behind yourself.  Example 2 -  You leave for work early in the morning and don't intend in coming home until later on that evening. On your way to work when leaving your home, you have just shut the door behind yourself but have not locked it and just used the function of the self-locking latch. This is most certainly a bad idea as leaving your home for any long periods of time or any time unlocked is really truly not a good thing to be doing. Burglars as well as any professional locksmith can determine whether a door is locked or unlocked but shut with a self-locking latch. You should never leave your home a building unlocked which is the bottom line. Whether you have a self-locking latch on the door or not. Having a self-locking complete lock is fine as that is its job but a latch is called a latch for a reason and a lock is called a lock for another.  Locking The Door Shut the door as you would usually. Lift the handle fully to engage the mechanism into the keeps on the receivers. Make sure handle is fully lifted.  Insert the key and turn to the locked position. Which is common for the top of the key when inserted to be rotated towards the locking Style / Jamb. The key needs to be rotated 360 degrees to be able to extract after locking.  If When you lift the handle and it is isn't able to be lifted to its full capacity or you cannot rotate the key a complete 360 degrees you will almost certainly need a locksmith. James The Locksmith operates In and around Cardiff. Please don't hesitate to call.  Unlocking The Door  Insert the key into the lock. Rotate the Key 360 degrees to the unlocked position but leaving the key in the lock. The rotation most common for unlocking is more common than not for the top of the key to be rotated away from the locking Jamb / Style.  You then need to disengage the mechanism. This is done by pushing down on the handle which would release all parts of the lock other than the latch.  The only part which is now holding the door shut is the latch but due to it be a self-locking latch the handle on the outside of the door will not operate this. You then have to twist the key a final little rotation to pull back the latch in the unlocking position, and then the door will open.  The main reason why people snap the keys with this type of door is mainly due to not releasing the mechanism before forcefully twisting the key very hard. You have to release the mechanism on the lock by pulling down the handle before you can twist the key to disengage the latch. To pull down the handle you will need to unlock the door first. If you snap your key in your lock you will almost certainly need a locksmith and providing you live in or near Cardiff we can help.     

Slam Locks In Cardiff

Additional Van / Vehicle Security - Locks 4 Vans  We supply and fit all Deadlocks and Slam locks to vans Cars Commercial vehicles and any vehicle you may wish to have them installed upon.  Slam Locks and Deadlocks are forever on the increase due to more and more vehicles being broken into. If you feel you need to discuss the option of having these locks on your vehicle please speak to our professional locksmith in Cardiff whos Called James. James Cardiff Locksmith will go through all options Cost of haveing these insurance approved locks fitted.  Our Locksmith Company can also provide you with extra keys for when you are in need of them for whatever reason. We can also supply you with our Auto Locksmith if you have ever locked your keys in your van when then door has shut and the Slam Lock is in need of opening.  At current For either lock of the Slam lock or Dead Lock, the cost of fitting each type per lock with fitting stands at £150 which includes the Lock and Fitting at your desired location within Cardiff. The good part of our locksmiths being mobile is that we come to you at your appointed time and day.    James Cardiff Locksmith 07967725135 

I.D Check

Please Check Our I.D.  If for some reason when our locksmiths come out and you feel worried for any reason please check our I.D. Our Locksmith will not get offended if you do ask but appreciate the fact you had the decency to ask. Rather than feel unsettled.    Reasons why you Might ask to see I.D Some of our Locksmiths look young and this may make you a bit worried. Not all the time do our locksmiths wear their uniform and the sign-written van may not be close enough for you to see. As our locksmiths work 24 hours a day 7 days a week they may come in their social clothing due to make it to your destination before going home or to the office to get changed. You may be old and feel vulnerable this is not uncommon. You may need our services late in the evening, night or early morning. As these times are very quiet it usually makes people nervous as not knowing who is coming to resolve their locksmith issue. Especially if you are alone. Please Ask Our Locksmiths To Show You Their Identification If You Feel Unsure.

Emergency Locksmith - Auto, Commercial, Domestic

During the circumstances of the COVID at the present moment in time, we are still operating on all emergency locksmith jobs. If you find you are in need of a locksmith please do not hesitate in contacting us. We are operating around the clock supporting our local area Cardiff giving our services 100%. Our services are still limited but we are trying to help all individuals with there needs. If you feel like you need our help or advice please contact us by calling 07967725135. We can also respond to emails and via Whatsapp messenger. If you need our services immediately we advise all individuals to call us as this is the only way you know you will get an immediate response. James Cardiff Locksmiths does there absolute best to be the best locksmiths that they can be. 

Friendly Locksmith and Auto Locksmith In Cardiff

James Cardiff Locksmith is still running and functioning for all emergency locksmith jobs. If you are found yourself in a difficult situation where you have locked your self out of your house or car, please call us immediately on 07967725135. We make keys for a vast amount of vehicles and automobiles. Our. Stock for car keys is extensive which we can usually do at the roadside. We change locks for houses in an instance whatever the time maybe. Our locksmiths are always equipped with the up to date knowledge and equipment—100 % professional and courteous at all times.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

James Cardiff Locksmith is taking the Coronavirus out break very serious. We are taking all measures from the Duty Of Care and obiding by government legistlations and rules. We are still working around the clock, for emergency locksmith jobs and doing our very best to get to emergency jobs, straight away our locksmiths are adhering to our policy of duty of care and and are carrying the correct (p.p.e) Personal Protective Equipment. We ask that if you think you have Covid-19 or Self Containing yourself.  To let us know before we come out to you. We will then determine a practical approach to deal with the situation.  If you believe you may have the Coronavirus please read the NHS website in relation to this.  NHS website Coronavirus  

Opening Cars in a Jiffy - Auto Opening Locksmith

The no1 auto locksmith. We come out to you in an instance and open you vehicle yes we can open litterally any vehicle within around 10 minuites of being there. Our locksmiths are highly skilled with the most advanced equipment in our mobile workshop. James has opened aroud 2000 vehicles at present. The main vehicle we see for haveing keys locked in are the vag group cars Audi, Skoda, Seat and volkswagon. Common other Cars are Ford, Citroen and Peugoet. This does not mean if you have locked your keys in your car by accident that we cant open it because we can on average we open 99.9% of vehicles attended.   

Emergency Locksmith

If you find your self locked out whether it be you Car, House or anything else which has a locking device on it. James is the Locksmith which you need to call we deal with all locks which are found, We aim to be with all emergency jobs within 30 mins this is very impressive we belive as we only cover Cardiff and any further we try and point you to a locksmith we recommend closer to yourselves. One area which commonly needs our service is Cathays which we normally have our locksmith arrive within around 20 minutes on average. Locked Yourselves Out? Call 07967725135 Now for a free no-obligation quote 24 hours a day 7 days a week, Emergency Locksmith.