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Emergency Locksmith Cardiff  

We deal with all kinds of Emergency Locksmith urgencies here at James Locksmith Cardiff. As we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we understand the seriousness of you gaining entry to your premises, belongings or automobile as we open the locked door and we also deal with homes which have been burgled with the kindest care. If I believe the Home, Business or Auto Mobile is not yours then I will not unlock the door. Following this police will be Called upon Immediately via our locksmith which then they will give a full statement will be given to the police of exactly what has happened.  If you find yourself being Locked out do not hesitate to contact our locksmiths. 


What Happens When You Can't Prove Who You Are - Locksmiths ID Process

If I.D can't be proven until the door is open but then can't be found, The POLICE will be called upon immediately and the door will be secured until there arrival. Please be aware of the property is not yours do not call us.


When you ring James Cardiff Locksmith we will ask a few questions to determine what kind of lockout we will be giving our service to. Please answer the questions we ask with as much detail as possible this will give us the best idea what to expect on your 24hr lockout or Emergency service you require from us. The Questions which the locksmith will ask will be:-

  • Have your keys been lost/stolen or are they inside? 
  • If your keys are inside are they in the back of the lock or have they been placed down somewhere?
  • Is your door Wood, UPVC, Aluminium, Composite or of a different material?
  • Which type of lock needs to be opened for example on wood door top lock (rim cylinder) or bottom lock (mortice lock) or maybe both? - Or UPVC which usually only has one lock 
  • Do you have any I.D too prove this is your home - Falsify Identification to a locksmith is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE - one which the Police Or Courts will not take your actions likely.
  • We may ask you a silly question in regards to anything in the household only something which you will know. This is to gauge the fact that this is your home. Please do not get frustrated with the locksmith as this is only to identify the fact that you are the occupier. - The question we could ask can be something as silly and simple as in which cupboard in the kitchen are your plates stored. 
  • Lock Picking Cardiff 

The more questions which you are able to answer or the more detail you are able to give the emergency locksmith the better of the chance of the quote over the phone is correct for when he arrives. Please be aware if you are unsure about some of the questions which the locksmith asks not to panic as you are not obliged to take the quote when the 24hr emergency locksmith arrives at your destination if it is different on small occasions the quote can be different from what was said from a first phone call. 


What To Expect On a Lockout Locksmith Emergency

  1. Call James Locksmith Cardiff for a free no-obligation over the phone emergency Quote 07967725135
  2. We provide a 24/7 free locksmith callout service around Cardiff
  3. We aim to be at your destination within 30 minutes anywhere in Cardiff as we are aware we are the only people that can help you with this emergency.
  4. If you feel unsafe we advise that you stay on the phone to a family or friend. Or even go have a cup of tea with neighbour up until we turn up, as some times being locked out can be quite upsetting. 
  5. We ask that you verify the premises is owned by yourself and ask to see some sort of identification. We understand totally that this is an emergency to yourself but we have to take steps in making sure you have the right to enter the premises.
  6. James Locksmith Cardiff is very skilful at lock manipulation, holds the most up to date locksmith tools which will give you entry to your premises in the quickest time available. Fully mobile locksmith with good 10 star reviews from clients.
  7.  Locks will be changed if needed or required, Maintenance will be given to the lock to make sure it is working as it should be. 


We can now provide all Emergency locksmiths service's for Auto and Cars.

  • Open 90% of Cars within the hour at the roadside when keys are locked inside.
  • Emergency replacement key locksmith Service. We hold a lot of replacement keys in stock for your emergency when the keys are locked or stolen which don't mean a long wait time from the dealer ship. On average takes our locksmith an hour to do.  
  • Emergency delete keys - For when a key has been lost or stolen to disable the key from ever starting the vehicle we are able to do this on many of todays cars on the road.
  • For all of our Emergency Locksmith Services we will provide this service at your desired location. 


Payment will be made from customer to James Locksmith Cardiff

If you call out our services but when we arrive you no longer wish to have use of our Locksmith services for what ever reason you will still be charged at our discretion as you have wasted our time and we could have used this time to help someone else.

James Cardiff Locksmith provides the ultimate Locksmith service to the customers of Cardiff on lockouts were we find that on rare situations,  whether the door is open in 1 minuite or 1 hour certain people are never happy i have learnt this much already.

Payments Methods

What is an Isn't a Locksmith Emergency from James Cardiff Locksmith  

What is an Emergency 
What isn't a Locksmith Emergency 
  • key snapping on the inside of the door and normal day time hours
  • Keys getting locked in the car when no children are present
  • Having locks changed due to moving in a new home
  • Lock door jamming when there is a secondary door accessible to street.
  • Car locksmith or Auto Locksmith were keys locked in Car, 24 hour Auto Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith Cardiff - Burglary Prevention

One Really Common Emergency we see from being a reliable reputable locksmith in cardiff, is in desperate need of a locksmith when peoples home or business has been burgled. Every call of this in particular incident we attend we offer the service for free to just take a quick walk around the premises offering you the client free advice to stop ever being the VICTIM of this particular crime happening to you ever again. Our specialist locksmith advice can be as simple as letting you know to move your keys from a nightstand table away from the front door. As a lot of visitors who knock the door can easily see were these are being held which make them in plain sight. Also can be as In-depth to have all locks on windows fitted, flood lights with sensors fitted to dark spaces of garden, with upgraded locking Mechanisms which hook in to the frame. 

During our time of being a Locksmith In Cardiff and Security Experts we have noticed a lot of Burglaries happen from thieves being optimistic and not having ever really planned anything. It is your job to take Reasonable care to protect your belongings and premises as even with having insurance on those expensive things not always will they pay out if they have reason to believe of you not taking reasonable care.


  1. A gentleman has a brand new Mercedes while coming home he never thought anything of it but there is a man sitting on his wall outside his home. The man of the Mercedes thinks nothing of this and parks his car on the drive and walks in to his home. 10 minutes Later the man of the Mercedes wife arrives home she does not unlock the door but rather walks in as the door is unlocked. The Man who was sitting outside on the wall noticed that the owner of the Mercedes had placed his keys on the side and also the door is unlocked. He then takes this to his advantage and steals the nice New Mercedes.This thief is called a optimistic thief who just done it on the spear of the moment. To make this incident worse the insurance refuse the owner of the Mercedes application due to the fact reasonable care was not taken to protect his keys and no damage was caused in gaining entry to the property. James your security expert and emergency locksmith is forever telling people to move keys away from the front door.
  2. A group of lads who regularly knock doors not to far from there local neighbourhood who offer grass cutting within the summer months. They notice on one of the houses they cut have a window which is always on a jar (open). As they cut a few houses grass in that street they don't take long to notice that the occupiers of that house leave for work around 9am. They then come up with a plan to burgal the house the following day. in which they do by forcing the window open. In total 2 laptops, 1 watch and a LCD tv was all stolen. The occupiers of the house come home to find there possessions were stolen. The insurance paid in full for all contents stolen and also replaced the entire window for new one as a good will gesture to make the clients feel safe again. The occupiers of the house also decided to have fitted a alarm system as a prevention to this ever happening again.

We not only deal with just house emergencies being one of the best locksmiths in Cardiff. We also deal with all Auto openings, Vehicle Key programming which now is updated to Mercedes Benz Key specialist. Safe Engineer and also offer a 24hr Emergency boarding up service. What ever your Emergency Locksmith enquiry maybe I'm sure James Cardiff Locksmith would be your suitable locksmith to call Night or Day on 07967725135.


We Now offer Locksmith 24 hour Insurance of Just £70 for ONE Whole Year


News Feed - Locksmith Cardiff 

Here at James Locksmith Cardiff try to keep you up to date with all our specialist jobs to try to give the public of Cardiff an insight to our specialist jobs which we attend to show you that we are one of the best locksmiths in Cardiff.

1-4-19 :- Citroen  C1 All lost keys. Emergency Car Locksmith.
We had a call at around 12.00pm which we booked for the following day which a gentleman had lost all his keys to his citroen C1. As this is a lenghlty  job which usual takes james Cardiff Locksmith around 4 - 5 hours to complete we decided to do it the following morning. We attended the gentleman's address the following morning which we supplied a new key and transponder which made the vehicle able to start. This job takes the local Car dealership 2 weeks to complete. James Cardiff Locksmith your following Mornings work. We pride our selves on not just being a Emergency Locksmith but also a Auto Emergency Locksmith.

Lock Change Emergency Locksmith / Lock Replacement

One of Cardiff's most reliable locksmith companies, James Cardiff Locksmith or as some people refer to us as James The Locksmith, can Change locks in an Emergency. Our Emergency Lock replacement is operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week that is 24/7. You can contact our locksmith services through a range of ways, Email, Text, Watsapp but we always advise our clients to always call us in an emergency where they will get the most  


What Locks We Can Change In A Lock Replacement Emergency:-

  • Euro Cylinders (most Sizes Carried on Mobile Workshop)
  • Oval Cylinders 
  • Rim Cylinders (normal colours of Chrome or Brass)
  • Mortice Locks (2 1/2 and 3 inches)
  • Sash Mortice Lock (2 1/2 and 3 inches)
  • Aluminium Rim Locks - Variety of all different sizes
  • Vectis Multi-Lock (long and short key type)


As with all emergency lock replacement jobs we always try to keep our mobile workshop well stocked this is not always possible due to the high intensity of locks with there manufactures and sizes.