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Doors slamming shut and the keys being inside happen as a regular occurrence. Whether it be you ran to the ice cream van, and your little boy ran behind you to make sure you got his favorite slush puppy and had accidentally shut the door behind him, or you had gone to work, got your handbag but when you came home remembered that your keys are on the knight stand. Here at James Locksmith Cardiff, we have seen every possibility as to why your keys are inside the house. Your Emergency 24-hour Locksmith is here to help.  

As we are aware your keys are inside the house, we will go through the procedure to make sure the house, business, or even car is yours, and then we will open the property with a non-destructive method to make sure that your key will work in the same lock as there is no need in you having the lock changed as you have the key can't get to it. 

UPVC locks have a mechanism in them. If you leave the key in the back of the lock, you are unable to open it from the front; This can be especially a bad idea if you have a mechanism with handles that don't work from the front of the house. As you need a key to open the latch even though the door isn't actually locked. As there is a key in the back of the door, the lock won't allow another key to enter it as only one key will work at any time, This can be frustrating as you have a working key, but the lock won't allow it to fully insert into the lock. We have special skills and knowledge of how to deal with this incident. We operate 24 hours a day to deal with all locksmith incidents. We also can fit Upvc locks with special clutches in them, which will operate whether there are keys left on the inside or not; this might be worth having if this accident has happened to you on more than one occasion.


We Also open doors for Cars In A Emergency, not just house doors

Every person we ask is under the impression that a locksmith only deals with house locks. Here at James Cardiff Locksmith, we can assure you that we deal with just as many Cars as houses then all around locksmiths. When your car door has slammed, and the keys are locked inside, this is one situation that we see too often.  If you find yourself in this situation, you must call your Emergency Car Locksmith, James.


Call our locksmiths - Why Not To Use Force To Open The Door.

On occasions we have attended emergency domestic locksmith callouts were people get frustrated and have tried to force some kind of entry into there premises. This is not a good idea that locks are meant to withstand powerful blows of impact and don't often fail over blows of impact but rather jam up. The lock mechanism jamming up would be a nightmare of a job for any locksmith as it often is a time-consuming task to release the parts inside without causing more damage to the door. A callout to your Cardiff mobile 24hr local locksmith would be able to open a locked door between 10 - 20 mins rather than charging you for a few hours rate for unjamming and unlocking a door which needs a whole complete mechanism which would run into the hundreds of pounds. In some extreme circumstances, after brutal force, the door will split and no longer be able to support the locks this is when a new door is required the locksmith dealing with your needs will advise you on what you need to do.

Leave it to the locksmiths who hold a profession at opening doors that are locked where a small charge is possible. We also deal with Cars where doors are slammed shut and keys inside auto locksmiths in Cardiff.

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