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Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement Service - Auto Locksmith

Our dedicated, experienced locksmiths have been supplying car key replacement keys to customers of Cardiff for several years now. Like any business, we are continually growing and learning but can satisfy say we are good at our job of being one of the locksmiths in Cardiff. Like all locksmiths, we do come into problems but on average complete 99% of all posts attended and program around 80% of vehicles on today's road which doesn't just include Cars. We can sometimes program in pod keys or remote central locking, depending on budgets. 

We Can Program and make replacement car keys to the following vehicles;-

If you need a car / Vehicle key replaced, please don't hesitate to Call James - 07967725135


What To Do When You Have Lost Your Car Key 

When people imagine having lost their car or van key it is for sure a worrying horrible thought. When you have just lost it, it is quite hard to actually know what to do next. The first thing anyone should do is to spend a little time looking for it and trying to work out when they had it last. If you are unable to locate the lost key then you should try and find your second key and use that with getting any other key you had lost deleted from the cars memory making it unusable to anyone if found. 

If you haven't got a second key which more often than not a lot of people haven't. Unless the car is new or nearly new as keys don't last forever and either get broken or lost during their years of operation. If you haven't and need a quick key service replacement James Cardiff Locksmith can help with a lot of vehicles of replacing same day service, As we are an Auto Locksmith whos operates in and around Cardiff. Call us now on 07967725135.

How a locksmith replaces your Car Key When Car Keys Are Lost 

All key replacement is programmed and cut, all on-site. We cut the key and make the key direct for your car this is done through finding the specific code and cutting the key profile for your vehicle alone this is what makes James Locksmith Cardiff a specialist car key replacement service. On average, it takes around 1-2 hours to make and program a key, but in some difficult situations, this can take a little longer. The programming of the car key is done through the OBD port but also when communication cannot be made to the vehicle. James your specialist locksmith with key replacement service, Can go more in depth of programming the key to the car with technical pcb work.

Emergency Car Key Replacement

In that stressful time, when you have lost or broke your key. James Cardiff Locksmith can make you an absolute priority on making your key replacement an emergency for whatever reason. We can make the majority of keys for cars, vans and most vehicle in a moments notice.