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Fixed Prices

James Cardiff Locksmith Price Guide Of Some Of Our Locksmith Work We Carry Out

James Locksmith Cardiff offers competitive prices on labour and material costs as we hold the majority of locks on our van we only charge you once. If you have an emergency that requires our locksmith service and we don't have your lock in our stock then we hold a wide range of emergency locks just to make your house secure until the following day when we will be back with you to fit your new lock with our reliable locksmith service.

Reference to just some of our locksmith service prices. Prices are only valid between Monday-Friday 8 am-5.30 pm and are based on a rough guide only.

These prices are just a rough guide to how we price our stock prices will change depending on certain key facts: 

Commercial Premises, Locks is faulty and is unable to be opened within a normal time limit, Not lock which customer-specified over a phone call, Requires a more security rating lock.

If you Require a Locksmith In Cardiff out of HOURS please phone on 07967725135, Our Emergency Locksmith James will be more than willing to help These prices start from:-

Please phone your trustworthy locksmith in Cardiff if there is something you need a price for that is not listed as we will give you a price over the phone. these prices are only available weekdays at normal working hour times. Anything past these times will be considered a priority locksmith emergency service.   

Payments - What Payments Methods are Accepted

When people refer to locksmiths the first thing that crosses there mind is that this is gonna be expensive. James Cardiff Locksmith offers a fixed price for work to be completed. A locksmith charge can run into hundreds dependent on the task which needs undergoing but as a locksmith there is a vast amount of patience and time learning the valuable skills to open locked doors changing different types of locks and having the knowledge to give advice on the most secure lock which we recommend to yourself. The prices for emergency works is where it becomes a bit more expensive to the customer as we want to be with your selves as quickly as possible to give yourself reassurance that we will get you back into your home as quickly as possible, please remember you are paying for a service which requires help in record time with the most valuable set of skills and knowledge available. You kicking the door in which requires a new door and frame is far more expensive than using one of our many locksmith services for an hour. 

James Cardiff Locksmith can offer set day rates to open a various amount of properties in that day. £285    8.00-4.30 Mon-Fri, If you are a company which regularly are in the need of our locksmiths services we can offer you an account which is payable within 30 days from the purchase of our labor and materials. If your feel you would benefit with this please get in touch with my self James at James Cardiff Locksmith on 07967725135 

Lock Prices

How Much Is Emergency Locksmith

In Cardiff, an Emergency Locksmith Can start from as little as £50 to open your door and go up to as far as £175 so we give an average figure of around £90 to open a door. When you are in need of a locksmith in Cardiff there are a few characteristics which can change the price. It is always best to go through in detail of what the locksmith asks you when you call to get accurate pricing. If you decide to give the locksmith false details of how the lock was locked i.e if the door was just shut and left the keys inside or you had physically locked, the door this will almost certainly be a price difference when the locksmith arrives due to different skills and techniques used to open the door. It is always best to give accurate information to the locksmith as you may be unhappy when the locksmith arrives and there being a price alteration. 

The reasoning for Different Locksmith Emergency Prices 

  1. Different type of Lock - There are many different locks on the market no one door is the same to the next in our locksmith experience. 
  2. What Time - Normal operational hours for many jobs are 8 am to 4.30 pm needing a locksmith out of these hours is usually a little more expensive. 
  3. BS (British Standard) - Majority of locks or doors are not British Standard unless there mortice locks. Having a BS Lock is better for your home but does cost a little more to open.
  4. Door Locked or on the Latch - Our locksmiths in Cardiff can open both but a locked door usually takes longer to open and is more secure than a door just on its Latch.&nbsp

Opening a British Standard Lock

Locksmith, Cardiff - British Standard

As in the picture shows a BS lock. We rarely see houses which have paid the extra costs to have these locks installed. When you need a locksmith to come out they take far more time skill and effort to open whether this is non-destructive opening or destructively opening. As in the picture on the bottom right shows a heart-shaped mark this is to clarify the product is made to a British standard. On most locks, the face of the lock usually holds this identity there so you can see it from even when the lock is installed. We have seen some locks were this marking is also hidden from public view which is on the side of the lock. Which would mean only before the lock is installed or after it is taken out can you clarify the lock product is made to British Standard. 



James Cardiff Locksmith Operates on fixed prices for work and very rarely charges hourly rates.