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24HR Emergency Lock Change Cardiff - 07967725135

James Cardiff Locksmith provides 24 hours a day lock change service from our dedicated locksmith's and emergency locksmith service in Cardiff. That means at a moments notice we are fully capable of arriving at the required address within 30 minutes after the time of the phone call. We carry a large amount of stock on the van with a range of different locks efficient to change your locks at a moments notice. Whether this is your Home or Business. For whatever reason, you may require your locks to be changed your 24-hour locksmith Cardiff is here to give you the reassurance you need that you and your valuables will be safe and secure from the moment we arrive. 



What locks We Carry to be able to change at a moments notice

    • Double Euro Barrels - commonly on UPVC doors. 
    • Rim Cylinders - on wood doors
    • Screw-in Rim Cylinder - mainly on commercial steel doors or shop fronts
    • Mortice Deadlock -  Mainly that bottom lock on wood doors people refer to at as a chubb lock but without knowing the actual making of it. 
    • Thumb Turn - On many UPVC doors Thumb Turn Euro locks are present where a key is not needed from the inside to Lock or Un-lock the door
    • Padlocks - We carry the main types of high-security Padlocks mainly used for commercial premises. 


How Long Does It Take For Locksmiths Cardiff To Change A LockLock Change / Replacements

On Average out locksmiths in Cardiff take between 10-15 minutes to change an average lock. This can increase though when our locksmiths have great difficultly striping down locks from the door or mechanisms were screws and fixings are worn. This can also determine the price of the lock change. Our locksmiths operate 24 hours a day of all lock changes so no matter what time feel free to give our 24 hours a day helpline on 07967725135 where you will speak to one of our locksmiths in Cardiff. 



New Home Lock Change or Replacement Cardiff

When people buy new homes in Cardiff it is one of the most important items to have changed it is a very simple job for our locksmiths in Cardiff but needless to say anybody with DIY experience and skills can do this job depends on the lock. James Cardiff Locksmith who is the cheapest locksmith in Cardiff not only carry a large range of spare locks but also leaver packs and many other locksmith items to change over the existing pattern of the key. We can be with the customer within 30 minutes from an initial phone call. We operate our locksmith service 24 hours a day. Which do literally mean you can phone our locksmith hotline 24 hours a day in that unprevented emergency.  Remember the number to call is 07967725135

Why might you require a New Home Lock Change in Cardiff?

This is not a question that why might you need a lock change if you have recently purchased a new house. In actual terms, you should be purchasing a lock change from a qualified locksmith whichever area you may live in wether that may be Cardiff or some other area.