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Audi - Car Locksmith Cardiff

New Keys

James Cardiff Locksmith holds a lot of knowedge of Audi Locks and the Ecu, BSI or Body Control Module which holds the key information which has the immobiliser data on it. Our Locksmiths service offers a lot of services in relation to these Cars :-

  • Car Key Replacement
  • Immobiliser data deleted and reset for when keys are stolen
  • New keys made for when lost keys or when only have one key and broken
  • Transponder programmed into car
  • Second key added to vehicle for spare key
  • Remote key programmed to car

Audi is one of the many most commonly know cars on Britains roads today meaning this is one of the regular cars our locksmiths see for what ever reason. 

James Cardiff Locksmith specialises in Emergency Auto Locksmiths in Cardiff for Audi Cars.

  • Our Auto Locksmiths can Gain Entry on non destructive means
  • Emergency Locksmiths Reprogramming of Immobiliser or ECU
  • Rebuild new lock on side of road or were Auto Vehicle may be
  • Our Auto Locksmiths offer a 24 hour emergency callout and can come to you to do what ever auto locksmith problem may arise in the unfortunate event.

Our extensive locksmiths services defines like no other we are an emergency locksmiths service aiming to be with you within record time alowing you to have one of our locksmiths with you within the hour.  Our Locksmiths are not only polite professional and offer a good locksmithing service. But give you peace of mind that what ever you need our service for we will always do our best to make sure that we can always help.

Audi key replacement is known for being one of the hardest jobs to undertake for us locksmiths as it carries one of the best security softwares on vehicles here at your Emergency locksmith Cardiff we are able to program keys when they have been lost into most Audi Cars.