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Ford Locksmith Cardiff 
James Cardiff Locksmith has had a range of experience dealing with Ford vehicles in the event of :-

  1. Keys snapping in the lock which always require a locksmith in Cardiff
  2. locks being damaged in the event of malicious damage from a third party which needs to be replaced emergency locksmith in cardiff 24 hours
  3. lost or stolen keys situation in which the lock needs to be decoded, which then a key would have to be made and programmed to the vehicle. 
  4. Key programming only of the transponder from our experience locksmiths on site
  5. Key cutting only from our locksmiths on site 
  6. Ford Transit Ignition Barrels breaking down



The difference in ford vehicles 

As the years go on locks get to develop and improve. Ford vehicles started off with just wafer locks and side cut keys and neither of these keys had any immobilizer security devices. As of between 1999-2000, the locks changed from poor old-style locks to a new type which was called the Tibbe key and lock system these types of locking systems had immobilizer devices fitted to the vehicle. Tibbe locks are still on Ford Transit vans still as of today. In 2006 the locking device on many 


24 hour locksmith


There are 3 types of Ford keys Ford Auto Locksmiths In Cardiff

  • Tibbee 
  • Hu101 Laser cut 
  • 2016 - 2017 ford Cut

James Locksmiths deal with all 3 types the one which is always renowned for breaking is the Tibbee cut key. We can help if you have lost your car keys and this includes your Ford car key if you need replacement from our Auto Locksmith Service.

Tibbee Key - Ford Locksmiths 

Throughout the entire time of the Ford manufacturers for Cars, Vans, and other vehicles, the most popular key has always been the Tibbe key. Between early 2000 and 2013 this has been on the Ford Transit and most ford Cars between 1999 and 2007. As Ford is a major Car company in the UK James Cardiff Locksmith constantly sees this key failing and breaking. A common problem is that after years of use keys wear, as well as locks and moving parts, have a lot of wear on each other. 

HU101 Laser Key - Ford Locksmiths 

After the early development of Ford Vehicles and the next generation of models came with it a new lock and key type. Often Called a laser type or laser cut key our locksmith reference as a HU101. These keys are not cut with specialist lasers but rather cutting machines that are used as engravers. The HU101 key is cut to code and always have their individual code from vehicle to vehicle so never is one code the same as another Ford Car or vehicle. They have 10 individual wafers in the lock which makes their security high and this reflects 10 cuts being cut on the key as 10 cuts with 5 different heights an example of a lock we picked and decode recently is 3453321232.  

Ford Vehicles We Cover 

  • Focus
  • Modeo 
  • Transit 
  • Fiesta 
  • Transit
  • Connect 
  • Ecosport
  • Puma
  • Galaxy 
  • Ka
  • Smax
  • Ranger
  • Kuga                                ( Brand New Ford Kuga Tims Bad Idea, Please Read about the Microwaved Key - Click Here )

2016 / 2017 +  ___ Current Year        Ford Cut Key

Like the HU101 this new type of key is also described as a laser-cut key. As the track of the key is cut down the centre of the key on both sides. This new type of key is also a cut to code type and very similar to the Hu101 and all our locksmiths can see the difference being the shape of the key blade being slightly different. As this new type of key blade was brought out in 2016 2017 not all Ford models currently have this new type of lock and key from that year as we suspect this is being brought in slowly. 

Our Ford Locksmiths in Cardiff can code and program in to the vehicle's software of a range of keys to the vehicle. This includes not only standard keys but keyless keys as well which include proximity keys that are held within your pocket. We come to you which can usually include any destination within Cardiff and we do offer emergency locksmith services which are 24 hours a day running concurrent every day of the year. We will always try to have an Auto Locksmith and a Ford Specific locksmith on hand always due to the popularity of how the manufacture Ford is not only in the United Kingdom but in Cardiff Itself.


Ford Genuine Coding 

We are currently one of a few locksmiths who hold Ford Dealer Diagnostic equipment allowing us to have the same level of diagnostic for when key issues arise for our professional Cardiff Locksmith to quickly identify your fault, Which usually gives a quick fix at the roadside. James Cardiff Locksmith being the professional locksmith service your only ever need for your Ford ever again.