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Lock Not Working

Lock Not Working Cardiff

Lock Not Working

Your House door lock or building lock can have a major impact on your day When it fails to work. Our Locksmiths can help and fix most locking problems within the same visit. If your lock is not working and you have been locked Out or Locked In. We have a 24 hr Emergency Locksmith on Call. 

  • Upvc  Door Locks 
  • Wood Doors Locks
  • Metal Doors Locks
  • Lock Mechanisms Fault Finding 


Faulty Locks

Sometimes Locks can give a clear Warning that they are breaking down and are going to break eventually. Often people choose to ignore the signs and continue to use for months or even years and just adapt to the locking problem. Rather than getting it fixed and resolved. This often concludes too, someone being locked out of there home or even inside. A simple general locksmith call out of where a service is required. Can usually save an emergency callout being required.



Our locksmiths are equiped with the knowledge and know-how to 


1. Unjam a lock fault and get the door open when needed

2. Fault Find and Diagnose the exact issue 

3. Fix the Problem at the door what-ever time it may be 

4. Offer a 12 Month Guarantee on all parts used.



Services which Our Locksmiths Can Conduct.

  • OIl the lock or mechanism to free up from Dirt or Debris. 
  • Bolt or hooks not aligning correct which needs re-alighnment
  • Diagnosis of lock or mechanism to see which part is faulty part. 

Before Calling a locksmith 

Make sure the correct key is being used. A good indication of this is if the key slightly turns within the lock. 

Understand how the Lock Works. Lots of mechanisms and locks work in different ways, so if the lock is new too you, it is best to get a bit of technical support before arranging for a locksmith to come out.