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Remote Car Key Programming

Remote key programming / Codding  –  Auto Locksmith

Key Locksmith Remotes Keys From the year 2000 to the current date have had remote central locking off a key fob. Not all cars have it but more expensive ones and not base models. At present, we don't do the installation of central locking systems without them already installedfrom the manufacture. We only program remotes which follow the same principle as you would have had once the Car or vehicle was bought new from the manufacture.

Typically when somebody bought the Car, they would have received two keys the first owner of the vehicle not always two remotes as some liked to give one remote and one spare key, which consisted of a pod key without any central locking within it.

A remotes function is to send a signal which in turn a receiver picks up the signal; then a processor determines what the signal does and tells the BCM what to do with the signal. I.e., whether the button pressed is a lock or unlock button.

1,2 and 3 button Car Remotes

One button – When remotes first started to be used, the one-button Remote was the only one to be seen and made for vehicles. The one-button worked for both the lock and unlocking of the car/vehicle. This caused major confusion for customers of the Car as not knowing if they had locked or unlocked their beloved possession Car. People also believed that having central locking of a remote was really cool and awesome as no more aiding a key into a keyhole every time to lock and unlock the Car.

Two-button -  Two-button remotes consist of a Locking and Unlocking each one of the two buttons has its own function. The first button consists of unlocking the Car, and the second button consists of the locking of the Car. These type of remotes were brought out after the one-button remote inventions to give people, The knowing of how there was behaving and knowing when the vehicle was locked or unlocked from pressing the selected button.

3 button – As with the two-button remotes of the Unlocking and Locking of the Car or vehicle from each individual button. There can sometimes be a 3rd button on some manufactured car models, which most commonly is a boot button. This is so you do not have to unlock the Car to gain access to the boot; instead, you just push the boot button or the 3rd button, and the Car just unlocks the boot compartment. On some models of manufactures, it is not uncommon for the 3rd button to turn on the vehicles / Cars headlights for a second or two. This is to allow you to find your vehicle in a largely populated car park, and the other two buttons would unlock and lock the car entirely with the adaption of the boot.

Panic Buton – Car Remote

We have rarely seen remotes over our time of locksmiths with a panic button on them; from our locksmiths hardly ever seeing them, we still are aware that there are some remote keys that have them on. A panic button is a button which when pushed, either sounds the vehicle alarm or the horn. This is mainly set in so, during a time someone may be in distress, they can push this button to let others know they may be in trouble or of some help.

Frequency Of Car Key Remotes

Frequency:- In the U.K. The United Kingdom, the recommended and most commonly used frequency used across all manufacturers other than 1 is 433mhz. Every Car and vehicle manufacture uses 433mhz as their remote frequency other than BMW, which had used 868mhz but has recently moved back to the normal 434mhz in their new model vehicles.

Programming Remote

Remotes will have to be programmed into the cars memory.  Some cars involve having a manual procedure to program in, and other got to be done from specific diagnostic locksmith equipment. Both tell the vehicle about the new remote and saves it into the cars memory, usually in the BSI or Body Control Module.

Manual Programming - Remote

Some vehicles, the way the remote has to be programmed in to it through a manual procedure. This will involve doing something to the vehicle to let the Car know you wish to ADD or Delete remotes from the car memory.  After plugging in, the locksmith gets communication

Diagnostic Programming - Remote

Not all vehicles, especially newer makes and models of Cars, offer for the remote to be programmed in manually. This is when a diagnostic machine is plugged directly into the 16 pins OBD Port. Locksmiths hold this specialist equipment in our tool range to get your new car remote programmed into its memory to make the remote function correct and adequately. Our locksmiths usually only program in new remotes, when we are making entire new keys and don’t always do remote coding on its own other than with a transponder.

Transponder With Remote Locking Programming

On new vehicles, the transponder is on the same unit as the Remote integrated both together. This procedure has to be done on locksmith equipment or dealer diagnostics. As you will have to get the Car recovered or taken to the dealership, it is ofter a more suitable option to arrange for a mobile Auto Locksmith to come and program your car key alongside the remote than hassle with recoveries getting your vehicle recovered to the dealership if you have lost your only Car. More and more vehicle manufactures are moving over to the integrated remote and transponder immobiliser on the same circuit, so when a new chip Transponder is programmed/coded into the vehicle, the remote is on the same board, which automatically gets programmed in at the same time.

Battery Replacement

There are several different types of batteries, and not all remotes take the same battery as the different makes models of cars all carry different remotes and have different batteries which fit. Sometimes battery replacement is a simple procedure. Other types can be really difficult. There are many key shops that offer battery replacement on keys. On average, a decent battery fitted to a remote key should last between 6-12 months. If one is needed before this, then try purchasing a more sufficticated make battery.

Self Charge Keys

The newer Ford Transits, as well as some of the BMW models, have what we call a self-charge battery. When the key is set into a place into the ignition, the battery wirelessly charges and continues

Why won't any remote work be programmed in

Different Cars of make and model come with specific remotes. It is not a case of one remote will work for all occasions we get a remote which will maybe work with another couple of cars, but on average, each Car has its own designated Remote, which comes with specific codes for the BSI to allow to connect to work as a remote so it knows what each button is doing from its designed code.

Cost Of Remote

Remotes can also range dramatically in price due to the manufactures price, It's not uncommon to see cheaper branded Cars remote double the amount of a luxury car. Remote prices can also change as for the locksmith's labour charge. Whereas a more expensive car, Remote can be quite simple to program in and pair up while a budget car can be a pain staking,  stressful job.

If you would like a cost of a remote with programming it is always best to get in contact with one of the locksmiths from James Cardiff Locksmith who can give you a fixed price of the total job.