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Residential Locksmith

A Residential Locksmith is a locksmith which provides their services to houses, usual in Which somebody lives. Which have normally wooden doors or UPVC. At any day or time can a locksmith be called out to the residential property as the needs to the lock are being used always. A Residential Locksmith will be able to get you in your home no matter what problem you may have with your door lock. Some Residential Locksmiths also provide their services to fix Windows and other locking devices you have. 


Commercial Locksmith

A Commercial Locksmith provides their locksmith service usually within working hours and rarely sees late-night call out due to most commercial buildings not being used in unsociable hours. Commercial doors are usually covered in metal sheeting and have higher standards for locking mechanisms and devices. This, in turn, makes a commercial locksmith's job, slightly harder than a residential locksmith's. Due to everything is at a harder level and stock or equipment is expensive to make thefts and break-ins happen less. 

Auto Locksmith

Auto Locksmiths open Cars and most vehicles and can provide a key replacement to also a lot of the Cars on today's road. People depend on Auto Locksmiths as cars are common to self-lock when you have left your key inside and even lose your only key. Around the U.K there are good Auto Locksmiths everywhere so no matter where you are there is a good chance that you can have a key replacement on the same day if you are in desperate need. James is a well-established Auto Locksmith in Cardiff.


The door won't Open 

There could be several explanations as to why your door won't open and our locksmiths are one of the many best at opening doors and resolving issues after they had opened the door. A door may not open if the lock is seized, The incorrect key is being used or an underlining problem was the mechanism is at fault. Whichever the reason why your door is not opening.


Lock Broke 

If you ever find yourself in an unideal situation where your lock has broken, please don't hesitate to call us. You could be locked outside and need urgent help to get you back in or be inside cant open the door or even, Lock the door when its shut. These are all typical situations that we see regularly. We will come out at a moment's notice usually be with you within 30 minutes, open the door first of all when we arrive if it needs opening. After which we will access the problem and how it can be fixed if the lock needs to be replaced or if we can repair the lock.


Replacement Locks

You may never know when you will need a replacement lock. There could be many and several reasons why you wish to require a replacement lock. Or may not even know and be unsure if you do need a replacement lock. If you find yourself in any situation where you are unsure about if you need a new lock to feel free to call our 24-hour number where our locksmiths will be happy to assist with any queries and questions.

Please feel assured you are in very safe hands when you ask for our assistance in replacing your locks. If you require a lock replacement in an emergency we will be happy to send one of our dedicated emergency locksmiths out at any time of any day. James Cardiff Locksmith specializes in 24hr emergencies.


Why might you need a replacement lock?

The factors of why you require an emergency locksmith to replace your locks can change from;-

  1. Bought a new house - needs lock replacement as not sure who has keys and have they been given back.
  2. Key is hard to put in the lock - Needs lock replacement as the lock is failing or failed. 
  3. Lost a key or keys - Needs Emergency locksmith for emergency lock replacement as you believe the keys have been lost somewhere nearby.
  4. Keys have been stolen - My keys have been stolen needs an emergency locksmith for emergency lock replacement of locks. (REALLY SERIOUS)

As one of Cardiff's Emergency 24hr Locksmiths we stick to a general rule of thumb. If you are unsure about anything then we strongly advise yourself to have a lock replacement it may cost a lot more in the long run. 



My keys have gone missing I think I left them in the door but when I went to check they weren't there. I may have mislaid them around the house. If I can't find them by tomorrow I will phone for a locksmith in Cardiff to come out and change the lock. I still have two other sets, so it isn't a big issue at the moment.


What should you be doing?

You should call for an emergency Locksmith who is located relatively near to where you are. You should call and ask for an emergency locksmith to come out straight away and change whichever locks keys had gone missing for. 



As in this example, the person wasn't too sure where they had lost the keys. I.e. left in the front door or misplaced around the house with also the concern of if they were left in the front door they might also have been taken, which makes this a more serious matter. In circumstances like this or similar, we would always recommend you call a 24-hour emergency locksmith in Cardiff.




We Do Not Break In, We Gain Entry For The Client. Advanced  Locksmiths Cardiff



Master Keyed And Keyed Alike Systems / In-house Made

We now offer certain key systems to be made in-house in our dedicated workshop rather than getting the supplier to make them and ship them out. This offers customers of our in and around Cardiff a more convenient way to have cylinders made of Euro, Rim, and Deadlocking locks made. This used to take us around 7-10 working days for the lock turnaround but now this usually gets turned around in as little as 2 working days. 


Different Types of Locks, lock Replacement - Locksmith Cardiff


Mortice Locks - Locksmith Cardiff 

Found on wood doors known as the bottom lock, we specialize in picking most mortice locks and also can use destructive methods of entry. These sometimes can fail when the curtain which retracts the bolt gets worn away and fails to do its job. Mortice Locks which are British standard will have 5 leavers inside. The Leavers can differ in design depending on make and models. Leavers of the Mortice Lock are what makes it unique and unworkable by other keys as they range in different patterns they also contain false notches in them, which makes it very hard and in some cases, impossible to be opened from picking which only skilled locksmith with good knowledge are able to open them using specialist tools. Our locksmith service can also offer you a service at decoding the lock and then making you a new key if ever the key had been lost to your mortice lock.


Rim Cylinder - Locksmith Cardiff

Can also be known as the Yale Lock. These are mainly found on wood doors and are classed as the top lock, also used on aluminum shop doors. When these locks are fitted to aluminum doors they are classed as a Mortise Rim Cylinder due to the leaver on the back of the lock, which operates the locking mechanism inside the door to which the Mortise Rim Cylinder is fitted to. Mortise Rim Cylinders are screwed into the mechanism and then held stiff in its correct position from securing a grub screw through the mechanism into the Mortise Rim Cylinder. Rim Cylinders locks do not regularly fail but often keys are snapped inside which are caused by copied keys which are made of a cheaper material. Like all locks, James from James Cardiff Locksmith has had plenty of practice opening these locks when keys have been lost, or stolen and even when this lock has failed to open with the correct key.

Euro/Oval cylinders - Locksmith Cardiff

These locks are mainly found on PVC and Composite doors. They are the most commonly used locks of today. Dependent on security, price and make, these locks can offer medium to very high security. The locks offering the highest security can even make it difficult for an experienced locksmith to gain entry. They come in a range of different sizes which can suit all doors.  You can have ones with thumb turns on the back of them if you wish to have this mechanism which doesn't require key operation from inside the house. You can also get ones which are specially adapted for schools and other public places which can be locked and unlocked from the outside but only unlocked from the inside in case a pupil was locked in and the reason for no locking from the inside is due just in case the pupil wanted to lock someone out of the classroom which the lock wouldn't allow which gives ultimate security.

UPVC - Locksmith Cardiff

The most common known door in Cardiff and surrounding areas. This is one of many areas we specialize in. The downfall to these doors is after years the door eventually drops down, then more pressure is needed to lock and unlock the door. This then damages the system. From a simple adjustment to the door hinges and receivers which would cost a cheap call out adjustment, now costs a whole new mechanism and fitting charge. These doors are very cost-effective though as they hardly ever require much maintenance as they don't need to be painted every year due to stop them rotting and come the winter months they don't swell up which won't allow them to close.

If you feel your door is harder to lock and unlock give your local locksmith James in Cardiff a ring before it's too late. 


High-Security Locks - Locksmith Cardiff

High-Security Locks do exactly what they state. They are locks that offer higher levels of security. Often these locks are found on commercial buildings rather than your average domestic property. James your general and auto locksmith has experience in fitting and unlocking of these locks, which made to high levels of security.

Tubular Locks - Locksmith Cardiff

Tubular locks are around the circular lock with pins running around in a circle with a round key needed with cuts at different depths which puts the pins in their correct opening sheer line position. A leaver on the back of the lock operates the opening and locking of the door. Tubular locks can be found on various items which need securing, such as cash machines, bandit machines, safes, and many other interiors and external locking cases. James Cardiff Locksmith can offer services to open these types of locks which we can also offer a 24hr emergency locksmith opening service. These locks often have 7 pins but on some occasions where a higher level of security is needed, they can have 8 or even 9.


Auto Locksmith - Car Locksmith Cardiff

Cardiff Auto Locksmith As we hold one of the best skills of a locksmith through Cardiff our services just don't stop like many other locksmiths just at opening shut slammed doors. When you are locked out of your Car or Automobile in Cardiff and many of the surrounding areas such as Barry, Penarth, Newport and Bridgend we can get you back in Safely within the shortest amount of time possible.

As we are an independent company in Cardiff our prices are standard and don't give unrealistic prices like other larger national firms. James Cardiff Locksmith is able and has got the knowledge of opening 100% of vehicles when the keys have been locked inside. Yes, that is correct 100%. Here at James Cardiff Locksmith, we have put a lot of time and effort into the practice of opening different locks on every vehicle within the U.K. This makes it possible for every emergency callout we attend which keys have been locked inside of the vehicle to be on there way with 100% success rate from James Cardiff Locksmith your local Emergency Locksmith in Cardiff.


DeadLock And Slam Lock Fitting 

Here at James Cardiff Locksmith we offer the fitting of Deadlock and Slam Locks to all commercial Vehicles. This is a large step in upholding vehicle security one that all our locksmiths here feel confident that fitting these locks will give everyone who has them installed peace of mind knowing their belongings are in a safer position. As we are a committed fitter we also offer a service to open these high-end locks for when you may be faced with either problem of opening or have locked your only key inside. Slam Lock Opening Cardiff. 



James Cardiff Locksmith has recently moved into the installation and setup of CCTV Cameras and DVR systems for commercial and residential properties. A typical installation takes James your Locksmith and security specialist, around 4 hours to wire up a typical 4 channel CCTV system. We are able to talk you through all desired installations and can provide a Camera System of up to 16 channels 


Assumptions Of A Locksmith 

For some strange reason, people often refer to locksmiths as people who just open locked doors and changes locks when needed. As much as this is true James your Cardiff Locksmith does far more than the general requirements of standard locksmiths. One thing which people don't think locksmiths do is Cut keys or make duplicate copies. Locksmiths can cut keys and because many of them hold mobile key-cutting equipment they are able to make sure the key actually works, unlike your local hardware shop. 

We take a key cutting to the next level as when we attend lockouts to certain locking devices we are able to unlock the door by decoding the locking system then make up a pattern key from high graded steel to then make duplicate copies of the patterned decoded key which we give to yourself as a new key. James Cardiff Locksmith is also able to use the same lock on occasions with the same leavers inside just mixing up the order and then make you a new keys from the new order. So you would keep the same lock just with a different key leaver set this gives you the security that if your key was found they would no longer work in your lock, Which would also :

  • Give you a cheaper price on materials as you don't require a new lock just labour and 2 keys cut 
  • Can be done 24 hrs a day 
  • Is of the same dimensions as your lock no need to chisel out of any material
  • Locksmith only needs to attend once as using the same lock which won't run the bill up further for the time




Why Locksmith Still Charge Even If We Aren't The Ones to Open The Door

If you need a locksmith in Cardiff whether it is us James Cardiff Locksmith or any other 24hr emergency locksmith in Cardiff one thing which we all hate are you ringing us, then us getting with your self or near to where the address you have given us and you no longer needing one of our emergency locksmith services. In theses instances partial, of them over the phone quote is still payable which is normally 50% of the quote. You may feel this may be unfair and slightly like we are ripping you off. What you should remember though is that if it is late in the night you may have woken us up and we had started to travel to get with your self.  Even though we are a 24 hr locksmith service we still have to sleep and are just like any other human being.  When we start travelling to your address this is our time and our fuel which we will have to pay for this is why a charge is made to your self. Most emergency lockouts take us between 10-20 mins to open the door. Each average drive to the majority of properties in Cardiff from our destination takes on average 15 mins each way 30 mins transport time in total. It would be fair to say that the most time taken on most 24hr emergency lockouts is travelling this is why James Cardiff Locksmith, Your 24hr Locksmith in Cardiff still charges when no actual entry tactic has been used to gain entry but has started travelling. We recommend that before you phone for an emergency locksmith you should always exhaust every other option which you are capable of:-

  • Think of someone that may have a spare key even if its late in the night I'm sure they understand.
  • Check all your windows there may be one which you may have left unlocked.
  • Check your back door you may have left it unlocked.
  • If someone had posted your keys through a simple magnet on a pole may be able to pick them up. 
  • If you have slim arms they may be enough to grab the handle. 


Locksmith - Lock Out Insurance

Locksmiths in Cardiff, the independent Cardiff Locksmiths

Why not subscribe to a years subscription of James Cardiff's Locksmith. which would give you 24 hour insurance for lockouts this could essentially save you hundreds of pounds if find your self locked out more than once in the years' superscription. it only costs £70 a year which would give 3 free callouts 2 locks on any door opened one callout. just lock cost opening. so have two roughly average £140. Our locksmith lockout emergency service is available to the general public and maximum call us now 07967725135 sign up our service. tendency getting residents who live Cardiff we know are able to be with selfs short amount time. The Insurance just doesn't cover the person taking out the insurance but the actual premises of house this means anyone living in the property can call the emergency 24 hour locksmith and access the insurance with nocharge.


Whether you be Trade or the general public we offer Eeprom Work done. If you live in the facility of Cardiff we can arrange a time date when Is best for you and do the Eeprom work on-site where we have a fully functioning mobile locksmith workshop. If you live out of Cardiff we will ask you to send in your device which will need EEPROM work.  On average we turn around the majority of the device in 1 working day in acceptance to some more difficult devices.

News of Some Recent Locksmith Jobs


1.3.2019  - James Cardiff Locksmith attended an emergency callout as a gentleman had lost his keys to his Peugeot 107. Like this car, in particular, can take a long time to re-program and only expert locksmiths can undertake this lost keys situation. We booked the job for the replacement key for the following morning as expected time to make this Car Key Replacement was around 5 hours. This job took our Car / Auto locksmith the complete 5 hours to complete the key replacement and another happy customer was achieved from our friendly locksmith service 

26.10.19 - James the advanced locksmith specialist in Cardiff had an Emergency Call for a lady locked in her bedroom at 20.00. The lady had started getting really anxious as she had been locked in the bedroom for nearly 1 hour trying all ways to get the door open as the door was a fire check door damaging the door to get out would not have been an option. 20.20 James your independent locksmith in Cardiff arrived at the address in Thornhill within Cardiff. The first obstacle we had to gain entry to was the front door as the keys were left downstairs in the living room. With our expertise in locksmithing, we were inside of the house by 20.28.  We were then inside which made the lady less anxious and happy to hear a friendly voice. 20.35 we had then opened the damaged latch by this time and the lady was overwhelmed with our emergency locksmith service. The lady did not wish for us to change the latch to keep the cost as low as possible. James Cardiff Locksmith had gained entry to 2 doors with 2 totally different needs for our locksmith service within 15 minutes, Also had the total job complete from the initial phone call in 35 minutes with travelling to the opposite side of Cardiff from our location. 

Handing Off a Door

Handing Of A DoorOften customer asks us how to determine the handing of a door from left to right or right to left. We have supplied a diagram so if you ever need to use it or let us know which hading your door is. You would stand in front or behind of the door whichever way opens in towards yourself whether that be outside or inside the way the door would swing towards yourself. From here you would look at the hinge side and if hinges on right are right-hand side door or if hinges on the left it would be a left-hand side door. This works along or doors not just UPVC doors or wood Doors.