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Emergency Boarding Up - Cardiff

Emergency Boarding Up Cardiff 

Emergency Boardind up

James Cardiff Locksmith is not only a General and Emergency Locksmith but also can offer a 24-hour emergency service for Boarding UP. This mainly is required when Glass has been broken but can also be needed in other circumstances. Whatever the circumstance may be James at James Cardiff Locksmith is here 24 hours, 365 days a year to help out.

24-hour Boarding Up

Our 24-hour emergency boarding up service is bespoke and every incident is treated to its own needs and requirements. Which is where the right size of the board is carefully chosen to its own individual need. All boarding-up is cut on-site at the address. To make each board fit neatly with a tight-fitting. 

After the initial board up we can also help with replacing the glass or even the door if required. On estimate, glass takes an average of 5-7 days to be made especially for your home or business. which is when we will come back to replace our initial boarding up with the specified glass as required.  

As Double Glazed Glass units are made to special order and a wait time can be in excess of several days sometimes the only option is to have the damaged unit boarded up and then repaired at a later date After the unit is made. When a unit is damaged you will need an emergency service within a few hours as your home, office or building in which the unit is damaged is making the room exposed not only to the elements but also to any unusual activity. Such as making more easier for someone to walk in. When our emergency locksmiths come to your address which needs our help we will always advise on what the best course of action is to undertake. Our fixing points of all boards will be from the inside of the building due to someone from outside not being able to take off the board. 

Why Might You Need Our Boarding Up Service

  • Damaged or broken Glass
  • Been Broken In 
  • Accidental Damage to Glass
  • Football had hit the window
  • non-vacant property 

Estimated time of Arrival in an Emergency boarding up

On Average, our locksmiths take around 30 minutes to travel to any destination within the Cardiff Area. As Plywood / Plyboard isn't one of the materials we stock within our mobile workshop one of the Emergency Locksmith Engineers would have to go and collect from our office situated in the Ely area of Cardiff. On the Emergency Board Ups we try to have an Engineer out to you within the hour for all Emergency works. If you have phoned and have asked for an engineer to come out but still is not with you within the hour please do not panic as he is more than likely stuck in traffic if you phone James, Cardiff Locksmiths on 07967725135. We will more than happy to give you an update on how long he will be to get to your location.



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Job Attended For Emergency Boarding 

Door Kicked InEmergency Door Boarding

We attend most boarding ups whether they be emergency or non Emergency, The Picture shows an emergency job with one of our competent/professional locksmiths with their carpentry background. As the door had been kicked in and severely damaged our locksmith had to attend take measurements for the uPVC installation team and board up the door to secure the property from any further more damage.

Child Broke Glass