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  • When you buy a new house or premises, having all the locks changed should always be mandatory as you are unaware who might hold a spare key, having all the locks changed compared to losing all your personal belongings would count as a very small fee.  As we serve locksmiths service in Cardiff, with times that suit you for callout. Locks should always be installed by a professional locksmith due to correct installation and to make sure they will work if their time of need is ever required.
  • Most older UPVC and wood windows don't have locks on them but rather catches too open and close, we advice that all windows throughout the home should have handles with locks on them, This don't just give you additional security to your house but also will give you peace of mind that the window isn't just closed but LOCKED also.
  • New UPVC doors can sometimes have a self-locking mechanism on one side. This means when you shut the door behind yourself outside you can't get back in, only with the key, Realistically this is a good idea but what people tend to forget is the door is not actually locked but just shut as only 1 of the 5 locks inside the mechanism is doing its job, We recommend here at James Locksmith Cardiff that each time you go out or in the night when you go to bed that you lock the door manually with the key as that door is not locked but rather shut. As if you had a wood door you wouldn't just go out and not lock the mortice lock because the door is shut. Your, 24-hour locksmith in Cardiff offers a Lock opening service for when keys are left inside and forgotten on these types of doors 24 hours a day in an emergency and bookings by appointments.
  • Letterbox Guards are essential on every door. This is because everyone tends to leave your keys on the side by the front door whether you say you don't or whether you admit you are guilty of doing this once in your life you would have probably done this. That one time is all a burglar needs. These can also be very good if you have a uPVC door that has that self-locking mechanism, as one of these would stop a burglar with skinny hands from turning the handle from the inside of the door.
  • The simplest advice our locksmiths gives to not just our customers but any public we see doing it is not to leave keys or any valuables in plain view. We give out this advice regularly and we hope our duty of care at notifying people this takes it into consideration. By always thinking and doing this, people don't take the opportunity you may have given, without yourself realising and you also don't become a victim to any crime which may happen. 

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Door Viewer, Why you should have one. 

As you the general public you may see this as a device that has been around for many years which have never been of any use. If someone in you're household, is of any vulnerability please remember it is of use. The vulnerability may consist of letting your teenage child stay in the house alone, mental or physical disabilities or even and old age pensioner. A door viewer can save your vulnerability against opening your door to a stranger who may want to harm you. This simple device does not have to be fitted from a 24hr emergency locksmith but anybody holding little diy knowledge and skills. By having a door viewer you can see who is on the over side of the the door and now you don't have to open the door to see who it is.  James is your local friendly locksmith in Cardiff 24 hours a day&nbsp

I won't be able to see the person anyway if it is night time 

Door viewers are made to take a wide field of view around your front or maybe even back door if wanted to fit to one,  By the viewer taking a larger view it is also taking a lot more of the surrounding light around that area which means that the person or object which you are looking at can be made out quite clear. Not a lot of light is needed but the more is obviously better and the moon can have enough sufficient light for the viewer to operate. 

Remember if you can't see or make out the object person don't open the door under no circumstances they might be holding there finger or hand over the viewer to stop your access of seeing them.
If you have frosted Glass as a window in your door a Door Viewer is still necessary as you will not be able to make out the person at the door. Even if they have seen your shadow through the glass remember you haven't lost your vulnerability as you haven't opened the door.

Assessment of your Home Security

If you need a assessment of your home security or you think some of your security can be updated then give your local professional locksmith a call James Locksmith Cardiff     07967725135



  • Did you know that the majority of people who leave their house when going to work actually don't Lock their Door. They are in the belief that as it is shut, it is locked. There is a difference between a door being shut and a door being locked. Only 10% of doors have the capability of being locked from just being shut. 
  • Most burglaries happen in the Day, Within 2 hours of having left for work. It is rare that a house gets burgled within the nighttime as the Criminals are aware someone is at home.