Cardiff & South Wales 24/7 Emergency Locksmith

Locksmith Radyr, Cardiff

24-Hour Emergency Locksmiths

Regrettably, If you find yourself being or been a victim of a Burglary crime, our locksmiths are here to help. We can attend in a short-spaced time and we guarantee of giving customers the utmost compassion and care during these disturbingly and tragically times. We will recommend ways to better the security to reduce the exposure to housebreaking happening again. 

Our emergency locksmiths deal with all Emergency requirements relating to all industry locksmiths’ tasks. From locking yourself out on a Sunday morning at 3 am from being in town and losing your keys. Too boarding your window after the neighbour’s child had accidentally kicked his football and broken your window.  We will determine how quick our locksmiths will need to respond to callout after the initial phone call. For Fast emergency response callout, we aim to be at your desired location within 20 minutes this can sometimes be a little longer in certain situation such as heavy traffic during peak times.   

We try to break down emergency locksmith assignments in too, two groups. Urgent And Minor Emergency Response.

Difference between Urgent and Minor Locksmith Emergency

When you initially call us we will determine which bracket your needs will need to be rectified within and we will base you in one of two Brackets. Call now 07967725135.


Urgent Emergency Response 

One of the more urgent cases we see due to being a locksmith is children being locked in. This can range from anything from being locked inside a car or house. James Cardiff Locksmith will always prioritise a child being locked in, over any other locksmith emergency. We believe this to be one of the highest Emergency locksmiths needs to respond fast, efficient and professional.  

We would also prioritise any urgent medical needs as an urgent response such as Diabetic Medication.

Please when you call James could you possibly explain if you feel you require a Urgent Locksmith Response.  07967725135

Minor Emergency Response 

locked outside with keys in house or Car e.c.t. When you are locked outside of either your vehicle, home or business we will take in to account that this is an emergency locksmith need. As only there isn't any sufficient danger of anything we will group this time of locksmiths need as a minor Emergency. We always try to make good timing for minor responses but due to the nature of the emergency we would not prioritise this callout over any urgent locksmith Responses. 


Crime in Radyr has a low rate for burglary, Nether the less a low rate is not a zero rate. James Can come and do you a full report on security. This report will determine how secure your home business is against a break-in. Which can determine lower premiums for insurances and can prevent a burglary actually happening if advice we give is taken.  We offer this service which is called SECURE-HOME free of Charge.

What our locksmiths look at for the SECURE-HOME report. CALL NOW 07967725135

Doors – what locks are installed and whether they are sufficient

Window locks – If they pacifically lock rather than a latch and do they hold shut

Alarm – What alarm is installed and if it is working correctly

Points for a break-in – Important not to have a break-in point in an excluded area. 

Poorly fitted Security – check all security of the house and make sure it isn’t damaged or old with poor fixings.