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Locksmith Cardiff - Whitchurch

Emergency Locksmiths Cardiff - Whitchurch 

We are a 5 STAR reviewed locksmith company who work through out Whitchurch. We can help you with hanging locks, Lockouts, snapped keys, safe opening and various other lock related issues we operate on a 24 hour and 365 days of the year basis we will always be flexible to your needs. We always offer free friendly advice on protecting and securing your home and always aim to make our service as easy and stress free as possible.

  • If you don't finish work to 6pm and can't get home till 7pm we will be at your desired location for 7pm honouring the given price. 
  • If yourself have recently moved house and would wish for the lock to be changed on a date when you are moving in we will always schedule in to our calendar for you do have a locksmith on the day you wish. 

High security Locks 

we offer a large range of high security British Standards locks to help make your business or home in Whitchurch as safe as possible. Our best selling lock at the moment is the ULTION WXM 3 STAR which offer a dimple key which is extremely difficult to pick and is snap resistant. THE BEST

New Home Owner 

Yes we totally agree the previous owners gave all keys they had and yes the letting agent gave all the keys back to the property. As in this circumstance there are many yes's but there is also a big FAT NO. Do yourself know if the last occupiers had any spare keys cut which they had forgotten or did the letting agent lend keys which had been cut without there knowledge. The answer to both these questions is an INDEFINITE NO.  If you've just bought a new home or property its always best to have new locks fitted as you don't know who still has keys to your property. It could cost a lot more by yourself trying to save money. Call a Locksmith.

Car Locksmith Cardiff - Whitchurch 

As well as helping with all your home and business needs for locksmiths near me, we also are one of the few specialist car locksmiths in Whitchurch we can open any car and program keys to whole range of Cars.Whitchurch Locksmith

  • Ford
  • Citroen
  • BMW
  • Volkswagon 
  • Peugeot 
  • Mercedes 
  • Audi
  • Skoda 

And many more just call for a free quote.