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Lock Opening Roath

If you need a lock opened in Roath we can usually and most of the time be with you pretty much straight away. As Roath is a central location for students we see a high demand of students being locked out and needing their doors opened quickly. One unforeseen circumstance that one of our locksmiths had seen. Was when a lady accidentally locked her bedroom door behind her leaving her key inside. She had called our 24 hour locksmith and told us that her laptop was in her bedroom and that an assignment had to be in within the hour which was all on her laptop. Our locksmith in Roath managed to get to the ladies location and opened her door with plenty of time to spare for her to submit her test. 

Questions The Locksmith May Ask Over The PhoneLocksmiths In Roath

Questions the locksmith may ask, Will be something like:- 

  • Is the Door Pvc or Wood?
  • Did you lose the key or leave it inside?
  • If the Door is wood is the lock on the right-hand side of the Left as you look at it from outside. 
  • When you shut the door behind you was the key left in the backside of the lock?
  • Has the door been physical locked or just shut?

From us and the locksmith asking questions, they can gage more information. 

I.E. From asking "If the Door is wood is the lock on the right-hand side of the Left as you look at it from outside."  Mortice locks are more of the difficult locks a locksmith has to open in an emergency. When we ask if the lock is on the right-hand side of the door or the left we work out if its the bolt side or leaver side of the lock facing outside. This is which side of the lock we have to open and work with. Even though all of our emergency locksmiths are specially trained to open all types of locks there can be a little element of a struggle some times for us to open mortice locks. if the lock is on the right-hand side of the door that means the bolt side is what we have to open which is far harder than if the lock was on the left side of the door which would be the leaver side. For James, your locksmith in Cardiff would charge more to open a mortice bolt side lock than if a mortice lock was fitted to the left side of the door. 

When you call please answer all our questions to the best of your knowledge this is to give you the most accurate price.

Emergency Locksmith Roath

People and customers of ours tend to need our locksmith expertise for a lot of different things. People often refer to a locksmith as only being needed in an Emergency. We supply a Cardiff locksmith Emergency service just as much as a general all-around locksmith. If needed one of our services for an out of hours emergency we still try our absolute best to be at most destinations in Cardiff within 20mins. If you have been locked out in Roath or your keys are not working and you are stuck outside this would be thought of as an emergency which we would be at the Roath destination of Cardiff within 20 mins to assist you with your need. 

Car Locksmith RoathCar Locksmith Roath

Most car keys are held in stock, If you have lost, broken or had your car key stolen there is a good chance we can deal with this the same day. We open locked vehicles when the key has been left inside or some cases had been locked in the boot. Due to the large range of makes and models of cars on today's road, we can usually cover 90% of the car key sector with our limited stock. Car key replacement cost ranges from vehicle to vehicle. If you need a car key replacement please call us we would give you an over the phone price with no obligation to use our service. There is no expensive recovery fee with our service as we come to your location at a convenient time and are cheaper than the main dealers.