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People and customers of ours tend to need our locksmith expertise for a lot of different things. People often refer to a locksmith as only being needed in an Emergency. We supply a Cardiff locksmith Emergency service in Thornhill just as much as a general all-around locksmith. If needed one of our services for an out-of-hours emergency we still try our absolute best to be at most destinations in Cardiff within 20mins. If you have been locked out in Thornhill or your keys are not working and you are stuck outside this would be thought of as an emergency which we would be at the Thornhill destination of Cardiff within 20 mins to assist you with your need. 



What Services we provide in Thornhill 

  1. Lock Opening 
  2. Lock changing
  3. Snapped Key
  4. Keys Locked In
  5. Lock Not Working
  6. Need Immediate Lock Change (security reason)
  7. Lock Change (faulty lock)
  8. Keys Locked In Car 
  9. Snapped Car Key
  10. Safe Locksmiths 
  11. Car Locksmiths Cardiff 
  12. Emergency Boarding and Glazing 

Lock Opening Thornhill 

If you need a lock opened in Thornhill we can usually and most of the time be with you pretty much straight away. As Thornhill is a central location for students we see a high demand of students being locked out and needing their doors opened quickly. One unforeseen circumstance that one of our locksmiths had seen. Was when a lady accidentally locked her bedroom door behind her leaving her key inside. She had called our 24 hour locksmith and told us that her laptop was in her bedroom and that an assignment had to be in within the hour which was all on her laptop. Our locksmith in Thornhill managed to get to the ladies' location and opened her door with plenty of time to spare for her to submit her test. 

Independent Locksmith In Cardiff Working In Thornhill 

As we are independent this is more efficient for anybody needing a locksmith Service in Cardiff. As we are one of a few of the top locksmith companies who are independent and not national run meaning loads of benefits. 

  • Cheaper Rates and Prices
  • NO lengthy time in Waiting for a locksmith 
  • Speak directly to the locksmith in Charge
  • All locksmith services are done through one company.
  • No national companies

New Home Owner 

Yes, we totally agree the previous owners gave all keys they had and yes the letting agent gave all the keys back to the property. As in this circumstance there are many yes's but there is also a big FAT NO. Do you know if the last occupiers had any spare keys cut which they had forgotten or did the letting agent lend keys that had been cut without their knowledge? The answer to both these questions is an INDEFINITE NO.  If you've just bought a new home or property it's always best to have new locks fitted as you don't know who still has keys to your property. It could cost a lot more by yourself trying to save money. Call a Locksmith.


Car Locksmiths Cardiff - Thornhill 

As well as helping with all your home and business needs for locksmiths near me, we also are one of the few specialist car locksmiths in Thornhill we can open any car and program keys to a whole range of Cars.

  • Ford
  • Citroen
  • BMW
  • Volkswagon 
  • Peugeot 
  • Mercedes 
  • Audi
  • Skoda 

And many more just call for a free quote.