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Ford Ignition Repair / Replacement – Auto Locksmith Ignition Switch and Barrel

Ford Transits suffer from ignition barrels failing. Usually on the newer style keys of the laser cut style hu101. As the earlier transit vans had a tibee type key more often than not the key blade itself would be the case of wear and not the ignition. On the hu101 laser type keys if you can insert your key but the key cannot turn more than likely the ignition barrel has failed or in some rare cases the key itself can be worn then in turn, not the wafers correctly into the sheer line position. For some reason other than not like any breakdown happening which always seems to be happening at a time and place at the most inconvenient time.

Our Auto locksmiths deal with a range of locksmithing in and around the Cardiff Area. We can strip down your ignition barrel and do 1 of 2Transit Ignition Lock things dependent on the problem.

  • Repair the damaged parts usually the wafers as wear and tear usually wear the parts down.
  • Change the whole ignition barrel if it is past the part of repairing.


We are an emergency locksmith service so will do our very best to help you as quickly as we can and get back to you moving once again. Our locksmiths are fully accredited skilled personnel. We also understand that the Ford Transit is used for business use so getting it back working again is a priority to you and your business.  We have a great success rate of fixing and resolving the Ford Transit ignition problem even if it is due to the build-up of dust and dirt. 

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