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How To Change A Euro Lock

How to change a euro cylinder barrel

Euro Cylinder fitting Cardiff


Here we give you a step by step guide on how to change a euro cylinder barrel and which tools are needed for the job. You usually might need to change the lock due to lost keys or moving into a new property which we always advise to replace the lock as you don’t know who else might have keys to the property.

For this job it is always best to have the tools needed at hand so it makes the job easier and more straight forward. For this job you will need a

- Phillips screwdriver

- A tape measure

Step by step instructions

First step

Locate the screw holding the lock in place it is usually mid-way up the door and should be in line with the lock. Once found you will need to remove this screw and place it to one side.


Second step

Put your key into the door and turn it 30 degrees in either direction and as you are doing this you pull on the lock which you should start to feel slide out of the mechanism if you’re having trouble with this step and the lock doesn’t seem to be coming out try removing the handles which will make it a lot easier.


Third step

Now that its has been removed it’s time to measure the lock we do this by measuring from the centre screw hole to the outside edges. This will give you two sizes which makes up the size of your door lock. The two sizes should equal the overall length of the cylinder. Now that you know the size of the lock it will be easier to purchase the correct lock you need.(refer to picture as an example)

Measure lock

Fourth step

After you have acquired the new lock. Its is time to re-insert the lock back into the mechanism we do this by putting the lock back in the exact way we took it out by turning it 30 degrees and sliding it back in to place ( it can be a bit fiddly but after a few wiggles you will get it back to its correct position) once back in place we re-insert the screw. Then while the door is open we test the lock to make sure it locks properly. Which if the are steps followed correctly should be perfect.

Lock Not Coming Out

For instance, if you have followed all the steps above and the lock is not coming out or not turning, You will need to call a locksmith in Cardiff, as there could be reasons why this is happening. It could be that the lock is seized up or broken. Due to the nature of this, it is always best to call James Cardiff Locksmith. We have seen several attempts from customers in the past in which they try to deal with this situation themselves and make things a lot worse, so our recommendation is to call a professional whose job is to deal with these kinds of things. It is always a good idea to keep costs to a minimum. More often than not, the cost rises due to user error and something else breaking within the process.