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A Rim Cylder is that medium sized circular lock found on almost every wood front door, It is an old style lock which is now going out of fashion with for ever more people preferring the UPVC type of door. It can offer a upgraded option which allows the lock to be  deadlocked rather than using it as a latch which requires a key to make it retract. Many people who has a Rim Cylinder or purchase one from a locksmith or supplier tend to go for the most popular one which is a standard night latch which offers very low security to your home or businessPeople are unaware of the low security which theses locks hold James Cardiff Locksmith makes the customer aware of these locks on a job if they are fitted and gives them opportunities to upgrade there security system to the home.

Rim Clinders can also be found on many shops. Theses then are called Mortice Rim Cylinders they offers a much higher level of protection against attacks. The locking mechanism which a Mortice rim cylinder fits into to offers a deadlock style locking system which offers a hook on the end to maximises the security. 


Whats in a Rim Cylinder

A Rim Cylinder has a Plug running through the entire lock which consists of pins inside the plug. They will have a circlip at the rear of the lock holding the plug in place. The number of pins can offer the different types of security levels. The pins also can offer different types of security. There are pins called spool pins which makes the lock very difficult to pick as a locksmith with a lot of experience can find these very tricky to feel. They could also offer hardened pins which offer a higher level against being able to drill the lock open. 

A mortice Rim Cylinder will have to screwed into place with the entire lock having to be turned. It is also operated in a different style of locking and unlocking compared to a standard Rim Cylinder and offten needs a locksmith to fit one of these as a little more knowledge is needed. A traditional Rim Cylinder is fixed from two solid screws from the back of the door. 



When fitting a Rim Cylinder they should never be fitted lose as this is not fitted right. If you are unsure about the fitting of Locks please ring your 24 hour locksmith James for a free quote. We are able to open all locks in emergency at your request.