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Doors Which Will Not Open

Sooner or later the majority of us will run into a door that will not operate sufficiently, or even not at all. It is all well and fine finding your door not operating as it should but when you run into a door that will not operate at all especially if you locked inside or outside the panic never seems to be less frustrating. If you are in need of opening a door in an Emergency please use our services. we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we deal with doors that won't open on a regular basis. 

We have put together a short survey to instruct on common faults so not always will you need a locksmith to come and rectify your problem. Sometimes rather commonly there could be a straight forward simple answer to one of your door problems. Which could be fault found in a matter of seconds to minutes and stress of worry could make you panic and look beyond the simplest of things. Please read through our chart as if you cannot find a resolution to your problem we are still on hand for emergency and non-emergency locksmith and lockout Callouts. We would rather offer some of the experience and resolutions free of charge on what the causes may be. 

UPVC Door won't Open 

Problem Causes  Resolution
Handle Won't Work Broken Handle or Even Fix Mechanism  Get the door open to check the problem
Key Won't Turn in lock The wrong key, Key on Inside, Broken Barrel Lock Inspect Lock 
Key Keeps Rotating In Lock  Broken Barrel Or Mechanism Replace Lock Or Mechanism
Key Doesn't Insert Into Lock All The Way Key On Inside or Broken Barell Check If Key is on Inside of Dor

when you cannot open your Upvc door which you cannot determine which is not opening for no apparent reason or cause. Our locksmiths are specialist at UPVC Mechanism within service all parts Usually a failed mechanism is the cause which our locksmiths can either repair or replace 



UPVC Door won't Close

Problem Causes  Resolution 
Upvc Door won't Shut To the Frame Obstruction between the door and frame Find the obstruction 
Upvc Door Handle won't lift  Broken Mechanism or Door Out of Alignment  Determine which is at Fault




Wood Door won't Open

Problem  Causes Resolution
The wooden Door is Stiff from Opening to closing  Hinges Defected or obstruction between Jamb and Door Fix Hinges or remove obstruction
Lock Turns but Door won't Open The lock unlocks but the door is jammed to frame Need to disengage the door from the frame
The lock won't Turn to open the door Needs to find the problem with the lock  Disengage the lock from the keep 



Wood Door won't Close

Problem  Causes  Resolution 
Wooden Door is Stiff from Opened to Closed Positions   Broken Hinges or Even obstruction Fix the broken hinge or find the obstruction
Wood Door won't close all the way  A broken Lock or something is causing it not to close completely  Repair the broken lock or remove the issue which stops the door from settling in the closed position. 
Wood door won't stay closed or locked Normally a broken lock or unadjusted keep Repair the lock or adjust the keep


Car Door won't Open

Problem  Causes  Resolution
Remote doesn't unlock the car Remote or Car antenna damaged  Check to see which is at fault
Key Won't turn in the lock  The lock is broken or damaged Change Lock
The key turns but won't unlock the car The mechanism in the lock may be at fault Replace the mechanism 
Key Cant be pushed all the way into the lock Some sort of Alien in Lock, Lock Faulty Extract Foreign object, or Replace lock


Car Door won't Close 

Problem Causes  Resolution
Car Door won't shut from fully Open Faulty Hinges or obstruction Check to find the Cause
The car door won't lock off the remote Remote issue or one of the doors is not fully shut Check remote for frequency and doors are shut
The door will not stay shut Fault mechanism or keep to mechanism of the car Check mechanism and keep to lock
The Car door will not shut all the way  Some obstruction or foreign object  remove the object if one is present


Security Door won't Open 

Problem  Causes  Resolution
The Key won't turn in the lock Broken Lock  Open and Replace Lock
The door Unlocked but won't open Something Jammed  Find were door jammed



Security Door won't Close

Problem Causes Resolution
Door won't Shut  Something may be obstructing the door Look for obvious obstructions    
The door won't lock  The locking device may be defective Try locking the door while it is open 

Security doors are usually a lot heavier and made to better standards than usual wooden residential doors. Due to many valuables being on businesses premises a security door would ideally be fitted which also incurs a far better locking device being on the door. As with the better security would also come to a lot of cons if, for instance, the door would fail. When these high enforced doors break and fail, it is usual for a locksmith to be the only person to be able to give entry as they give the best security and knowing their fleurs is imperative which only experienced locksmiths know-how. 



Who May need this information

Our causes and resolutions may not be correct in every or even your circumstance. We have tried to provide not just the residents or who may need this information in Cardiff but anyone who can use this information with their door or lock problem. As before you need to call a professional locksmith there may be something you can resolve your self.