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Covered in this section will be most things you need to know in regards to Upvc door mechanisms. Such as how they function on the operation and how they lock in to place after they are operated. We will discuss the best type of mechanism and why they are the best and also talk about the not so good mechanisms and why we believe this. We talk about the operation and how locking the door should be done in a certain way and how they fail and why. We let you know of prolonged use with no maintenance and why they fail in the locked closed position as well as open without locking. 


Handing Off a Door

Handing Of A DoorOften customer asks us how to determine the handing of a door from left to right or right to left. We have supplied a diagram so if you ever need to use it or let us know which hading your door is. You would stand in front or behind of the door whichever way opens in towards yourself whether that be outside or inside the way the door would swing towards yourself. From here you would look at the hinge side and if hinges on right are right-hand side door or if hinges on the left it would be a left-hand side door. This works along or doors not just UPVC doors or wood Doors.