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Sometimes one of us will come across a failed door mechanism. The usual fact is that when this happens you will know upon the immediate effect that the door is broken and the mechanism has failed. Either by not being able to lock it when it is closed or open the door when it is unlocked. There are so many different reasons why a mechanism or your UPVC door mechanism broke. More often than not the main reason is their not made to last forever and have just broken through wear and tear and years of use.

Emergency Locksmith uPVC Mechanisms

If you are locked out and have a failed door mechanism you are going to need an emergency locksmith. Unless you have managed to open the door or you have another door for which you have the key to allow you access to your property. James is your local emergency locksmith which covers the Cardiff area. Emergency mechanism openings are one of the strong locksmith jobs we do regularly and tries to get to any emergency locksmith job in around 30 minutes from the initial phone call.

Symptoms Of a Failed uPVC Mechanism

Key rotate in either direction without Stopping. – More than often a broken deadbolt in Gearbox

Handle Broken  - Doesn’t operate the Mechanism any longer, indicates a broken Gearbox

Lound irregular noises / clunking – May need a good service.

Hard to push up the handle – Realignment may be needed.

Hard to Push down the handle – The door needed looking at and servicing.

Holding the handle up while locking the door – Needs realignment more than often.

A description when phoning your lock  - Always nice to know what locksmith is facing i.e the problem.


It is always good to give a clear description over the phone before any of our locksmiths arrive due to knowing what the locksmith is in attendance for. As all parts are not carried or tools which may be able to make the job get completed and signed off with just one visit. This is something that James Cardiff Locksmith is proud to do to keep site visits to a minimum which keeps additional costs lower and much more cost-effective.

Diagnostics Of uPVC Mechanism Problem

Usually, when there is a door fault our locksmiths will come out to access the problem give a fixed fee to open the door if it is shut, locked or jammed.  We can give full reports and receipts to forward to anybody in concern to identify the problem. After the door is open our specialist UPVC locksmith can strip down the lock and mechanism and diagnose which part is at fault. At this point, it is usually a fixed fee for our operator to do this but any resolution to the problem is not included which we can then give you a detailed report on how much it would cost to fix and put it back in working order.


A question we get asked over and over again is how much will the complete job cost even though we haven’t looked at it. There are so many factors that our locksmiths consider when pricing a mechanism repair. These include Time/Day, Which part is broken, What make is the mechanism and many other factors.

Any locksmith who gives an indefinite fixed price to unjam a failed mechanism door without looking at it is in our locksmith's guesses being very optimistic. The Reason for this is until the door is open it is very unusual for locksmiths to give a prognosis or even tell which part is broken and what makes the part is as it is being hidden in between the door and the frame.

James Cardiff Locksmith charges between £65 - £100 to open up a jammed / Broken mechanism in this price we give a report on what is the problem and how much it is going to cost to resolve.



Handle Broken – uPVC Door

A description which most customers give when calling our locksmiths for a quote is “how much is it to change a handle”. As our experienced locksmiths have heard this saying rather a lot over all of our many years of experience we know it is not a handling problem instantly.

We will next ask for the reason that why do you want a quote for a handle on a UPVC door to be changed as people believe that because the handle rotates and the door does not open then it is a problem with the handle.



The lock keeps turning to need a lock replacement

When the over the phone diagnosis is that the lock keeps turning from rotating the key. It is always hard to diagnose if this is a lock problem or a mechanical issue. In this instance, we would charge a fixed fee to come out and open the door. After which the door is opened our locksmith who is on-site would test the lock and the mechanism to see which part is at fault and broken. James Cardiff Locksmith can then offer a fixed price to fix the issue and get the door back in working order again.


Unjamming uPVC the door

Unjamming any broken lockable device is never the easiest of jobs even for us professional locksmiths. Unjamming a uPVC door mechanism can sometimes be straight forward then other times be very difficult. The locksmith would have to find out why the door is not operational then unjam that specific part. This can take as little as 10 minutes and have been on jobs whereas can take up to 90 minutes to just get the door open.


Resolving The Failed Mechanism

Not all problems with failed mechanisms are the same there could be several reasons why failing happened. If we cant resolve the issue on the spot we will put temporary locks in place to secure the door until a full resolution can be given. All our locksmiths in Cardiff are highly skilled and give complete determination to get the job done. There will always be some resolution which our locksmiths can offer but not always on the same day. We aim to carry as many parts on our mobile service vehicles but this is not always the case as of the sheer stock levels. We are more than likely will have your part in stock if it is one which we say failing day to day on properties attended as we know this part occurs a lot in failing or whether it is a more common mechanism installed indoors.



Adjustment Re-Align The Door 

This has got to be the most common reason our locksmiths in Cardiff see for mechanism replacement. When a house door becomes out of alignment but can still be closed and locked with difficulty. There is more pressure on the mechanism which gives it more wear utterly the mechanism breaks eventually. Meaning a complete overhaul from a locksmith who deals with mechanisms. James is a Mechanism Locksmith who deals with these instances regularly.

When there is difficulty locking the door when the door is shut but can be locked with no struggle if the door is open this is an indefinite indicator that the door is out of alignment with the mechanism and needs to be realigned by a locksmith.

A usual re-adjustment of a door to frame takes an average of between 20-60mins to complete the job. A locksmith would have to remove the keep plates or shut plants and put them in new positions allowing there to be no rubbing or contacting of the mechanism when shut. So as if all the mechanism security devices just flow into their desired slots on the keep plates inside the frame and no binding is forced upon between mechanism and keep retaining plate. 

Re-adjustment sounds very easy and most competent people can undergo this task but it is incredibly crucial that the security devices are aligned with accuracy and no binding is protruding against one another.

Fixing a mechanism than having bad alignment will just cause the mechanism to fail again very shortly. This is why a locksmith guarantees workmanship.


Working Mechanism

A working mechanism will lock and unlock sufficiently giving the operator of the door a good understanding, that the door is locked when placed in the lock position is locked. And also opens fine when in the unlocked position. The handle shouldn’t be stiff or flimsy when in operation. This can often be something wrong with the door, mechanism or with alignment and should be looked at as quickly as possible by a locksmith or a competent person. A good mechanism will lock without any special technique to operate and with the ease of a full rotation from the key.


There are over 50 different types of popular mechanisms used on doors in Cardiff. Which James Cardiff Locksmith holds in stock at all times.