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Locksmith And Carpenter

Locksmith And Carpentry Skills

James is probably the only locksmith service in Cardiff that can offer Carpentry skills as well as a locksmith skill we pride our company on being one of the best locksmiths companies in Cardiff trying to give our absolute everything. One service which people believe is a locksmith service is damaged door replacement. At James Cardiff Locksmith we can do emergency door replacements or repairs at any time of any day. Which is not a locksmith skill or need. We try to go that absolute extra mile to give everything so there is only one company which you need to call.

As well as emergency door replacement this is only one of the skills our locksmith company offer in the emergency Carpentry side. Our locksmiths have been called out for so much more which requires a Carpenter and due to the fact, the carpentry trade doesn't offer 24-hour emergency callouts. James Cardiff Locksmith is the next best thing. 

  • Emergency Door Replacement 
  • Emergency Boarding up 
  • Fix Damaged Doors
  • Fix Hinges
  • Handle Replacement 
  • Window Fix not just upvc

The Emergency Locksmith With Carpentry Back-round

As i show good hand skills for the locksmith trade i am also a qualified Carpenter and Joiner. I hold an NVQ level 1, 2, and 3 in this area and had also left my apprenticeship of Carpentry and Joinery with an Advanced Qualification Award.  My Apprenticeship was finished in 2009 were at this point I had done partial of my working learning with a Carpenter who had also did Locksmithing and i had learned many things from him which did not all contain how to break locks. Soon after qualifying I became self-employed and continued on with practicing Locksmithing. 

James Cardiff Locksmith believes that Carpentry and Joinery have a major impact on a Locksmith. I stand to believe this because a lot of locksmith jobs are to fit locks, and as a carpenter, i show a lot more knowledge and hand skills than any other Locksmith in the fitting of furniture to doors. Not only does a Locksmith just fit locks but also does a lot of Ironmongery work such as fit Door Closures, Latches, and much more door fittings.  Emergency locksmith cardiff with a lot of Carpentry skills

My toolkit does not hold just Locksmith equipment but also a range of tools to do my job as a Locksmith and Carpenter for the people of Cardiff.

As you may recognize already a locksmith job is to open locked doors at whatever time a customer or client may require their skills of locksmithing but James Cardiff Locksmith not only opens locked doors 24 hrs a day but offers Carpentry skills 24 hrs a day such as you may require a door fitted in an emergency or your wood door won't close and needs to be eased with this would be a job for a Carpenter as  Carpentry equipment is needed to do the job. You May get mixed up with a locksmith and carpenter and not know which tradesman to phone as your door won't shut and you automatically believe that you in need of a locksmith. When the Locksmith shows up and sees the problem he will then tell you that this is not his job but will forward you onto a Carpenter with a small bill for his callout. At James Cardiff Locksmith we will complete the job with no forwarding you onto anybody and with no call out charge just our bill for our time making your home safe and secure. 

As we are an independent Locksmith service with a lot of background within Carpentry we also hold a lot of skills from being a Safe Engineer in Cardiff and also a fully functional Auto Locksmith.

A Carpentry / Locksmith Job Examples 

An Elderly Lady in CF14 which is the Thornhill Area of Cardiff.  Had needed our assistance at 12.30 pm as her beloved cat pet Missy Moo, Became trapped between two kitchen base units. After 2 hours of Pat trying to free her and enticing Missy Moo, with her favorite treats. Missy Moo could not free herself from the two kitchen carcasses. Pat not knowing what to do then decided who would be available at 12.30 in the night. As she typed in emergency 24 hour help in one of the known search engines, James Cardiff Locksmith appeared up being a 24 hr Emergency Locksmith. Pat then called us on our out-of-hours phone and we then sent one of our emergency locksmiths out to help who had Carpentry background to free her loved Cat. Pat was surprised and very grateful to all of us here at James Cardiff Locksmith for being available late in the evening and such a fast professional response from our locksmiths