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Key Cutting Duplication - James Mobile Locksmith

At the present moment James Cardiff Locksmith only offer the key duplication service for Mortice and Cylinder Keys. Which are mainly the most popular, home or business type of key profile. This service is only offered on a Mobile basis as we are a mobile locksmith service. We do not do locksmithing or Key copying at our home address and only  work by phone callouts and appointments. Key benefits of having our mobile Key copying service.

  • No waiting in long ridiculous cues
  • If we haven't got your key profile in stock we order it and come back to you rather than you having to go back to a business premises
  • You can carry on doing your homely duties while we just go to our workshop in our van, no need to disturb your daily routine.
  • We can come to you which suits you best rather than you rushing to your local locksmith store in your short break while in work
  • We check each individual key to make sure it is working correctly, rather than a locksmith store unable to do this as they are not near the lock
  • High grade genuine steel used unlike cheap weak metals which are easily bent, worn or corrodid
  • We Can Cut keys for Cars in Cardiff 

The key duplication service from James Mobile Locksmith Cardiff is not a 24hr service. If you require a key to be copied at unreasonable hours we will disconnect the call immediately as calls at unsociable hours are for only emergency lockouts only. By you phoning for a non emergency locksmith service in the middle of the night you may hold the line while someone could require our help from a distressed customer who is locked out of there home

When you have one of our service which require new locks to be installed such as you have lost your keys, you need to change the locks on your home. key snapping in your lock or its a new home. This would be the perfect time to take advantage of our key duplication service as we are already with your selves serving one of our other locksmith skills. 

A new key being copied can take between 5-10 minutes depending on how many you wish to be made. We do our very best to make the copies from the original master key but on occasions this can't be done due to original keys not being available. If you only have one key and it is having difficulty turning the lock having a new key duplicated is not the answer. As when we copy the old key it follows the same pattern and will produce the same defects on this occasion we recommend that you have a new key impression to suit the lock or you have a new lock fitted with a brand new set of 2/3 genuine keys.

What keys do James Cardiff Locksmith Cut 

Safe Keys - We stock a few key blanks for safe keys we are not massively into safe key cutting as we do not carry a huge amount of safe keys in out stock. If you require a safe key cut we do our very utmost best to find the selected key from our many distributors a have it delivered to our office were we will cut you the same key.

House hold keys - We don't stock a vast amount of keys for house hold locks but we do hold the more regular ones and universal keys. Certain circumstances you may have to have the locksmith who installed the lock have you cut additional keys due to them fitting non universal profile lock and sometime a restricted one.