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Newport 24/7 Locksmith, - Emergency Locksmith Newport

James Cardiff Locksmith not only operates a general and emergency locksmith service in Cardiff but now have distanted our service to Newport. As we are a Cardiff based firm you may think that we will be unable to help you in your emergency or general locksmith service Whether you have:-

We can Guarantee and reassure you that in any of these circumstances that you will be treated as a normal human being with utter respect. We offer excellent good quality prices with fixed rates. And even though you may think that as we are based in Cardiff we will be unable to reach Newport destinations quickly, we can. We estimate to be at the majority of locksmith destinations in Newport within 45 mins. We are known for record times in Locksmith Emergencies anywhere in Cardiff and Surrounding Areas. James Cardiff Locksmith is the No 1 Locksmith in Emergencies. 


  1. When your keys are lost our Newport Locksmiths are able to assist you in your 24 hour emergency of firstly opening that locked door. After which your door is open the locksmith in newport will then offer you to change your locks as this is absolutely required, As even if you do have another set of keys inside you have got to remember that someone might have found your old ones and may know were you live. By losing your keys and not have your locks changed you are vulnerable and at risk of been burgled.  The 24 hour locksmiths Newport will now discuss options of levels of the security in locks which is were you can now tell the locksmiths which one you would like to be fitted to your home or business. The absolute minimum which you should go for should be of a New Lock no matter which type. As having a new lock fitted is more secure than someone having keys to your home. 
  2. Car - Auto Locksmith. We can provide all Car emergency locksmith services and be with you within 30 minutes. We provide advanced locksmith services at the roadside which makes us one of the best locksmiths around. Such as a process Called EEPROM which when all our machines fail to connect to Cars via the standard OBD Port we can literally force the Car to accept an immobiliser Chip which not all locksmiths can do.