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Safe Engineer  - Locksmith 

James Locksmith Cardiff offers a valuable renowned Safe Engineer Service. Locksmiths In Cardiff can Offer:-

  • Change Code on a Dial Combination Lock 
  • Open Low and High Security Safes
  • Open Jammed Safes
  • Servicing the locking components
  • Open when relockers have been exposed

James has opened a numerous amount of Safes in and around the Cardiff and Penarth area. These Safes have been of many different Cash ratings. From little £20,000 cash rating in a high end restaurant in Cardiff City Centre. Too £300 cash rating safes in customers houses were the key had Snapped. 

What ever the case may be why you need a locksmith to attend, try James your Locksmith in Cardiff as our knowledge and experience is 2nd to none. We are one of the most reviewed Locksmiths in Cardiff and if you do no believe us check our ratings out yourself. Safes Can come in all shapes and sizes. Were as little or home safes can take as little as 30 minutes to open. Then large high cash rating safes can take us 2 days to open were we have to make a numerous amount of visits to get it open. To date there is not a safe which James Cardiff Locksmith has not be able to open which we take pride in our work and the understanding of these high valued storage containers. We your trusted locksmiths in Cardiff had have a lot of dealings with safe which have glass in them. We ask all customers who have high valued safes with glass to not attempt to try and open these when there is a problem as you can make it rather difficult for us Locksmiths once you have broken the glass. 

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