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Lock Replacemnt In Emergency

The Security to your home or business doesn't have to be boring and look cheap, there are many looks that are out there that can suit any need from stylish and modern to bulky and looking very secure. Here at James Cardiff Locksmith, we can go over with ourselves what kind of look you're after and what type of level of security then offer you a range of different locks which will meet any criteria. As with shops where they only deal with one supplier there is not much of a choice, James Cardiff Locksmith has a large range of suppliers were we can offer you the customer a large range of choices that can suit anybodies need. 

We can fit all types of locks to basically any door with a quality bespoke finish to anything we touch. If you have a new door or an old one which requires an updated upgrade we are here to help and can answer any of your questions. If there is something which we don't know it isn't worth knowing about. As the majority of the time the new fitting of locks isn't and 24hr Locksmith emergency we regularly only offer this service in weekdays and normal working hours.  We will always give set prices/rates to fit new locks. Please remember a lock replacement is going to be cheaper than having a lock fitted to a brand new door. 


How long does it take for lock fitting or having an upgrade from a 24hr locksmith in Cardiff

James Cardiff Locksmith who is a fully trusted locksmith in the Cardiff Community, as we have a good background in Carpentry this gives you the best chances of having your new lock fitted in the quickest time available with the uttermost neat finish to all the bespoke fitted parts. With any Locking parts fitting them in a rush should not be one thing which anybody should take likely as this could weaken their integrity for working when needed.  Fitting locking devices is one of many things which James Cardiff Locksmith have proven to be good at for many years and will continue for many more years. 

  • Replace Rim Cylinder,    10 - 20 mins
  • Replace Entire Night latch,    15 - 25 mins
  • Upgrade Night Latch For BS Standard,    25 - 35 mins
  • Replace Mortice Lock or Upgrade,     25 - 40 mins 
  • Install New Nighlatch from Scratch,    40 mins - 1 hour
  • Install New Mortice Lock from Scratch,     1 hour - 1hr 30 mins
  • Change Barrel on Pvc Door, 10 - 15 mins
  • New Replace Pvc Mechanism, 20 - 40 mins
  • Unlock Damaged PVC Mechanism and Replace Repair,  1 hour - 3 hours

Car Lock Fitting - Locksmith 

Our Lock fitting service just doesn't stop at fitting locks to Commercial and Home doors. Even though we take general and home security to advanced levels we also specialise our extended knowledge of locksmithing to Cars and Auto Mobiles. We operate a service of fitting locks to Cars for whatever the reason. We are a Car Locksmith in Cardiff.  Locks to Cars and Vans can be damaged from vandalism or extended wear and tear. We do our very best to repair the lock under the circumstances. If we are unable to repair the lock we will replace the damaged lock with a new one which we will order through a third party or of the manufacture. If there are security Issues to the vehicle then we will advise you that a new locking system is needed. We will order a new lockset for the vehicle. Fit each lock professionally then program all the locks to the vehicle.  We are an automotive car specialist when it comes to car locksmith services for vehicles. James Cardiff Locksmith 07967725135 

Locksmith - Been Locked Out

A lot of people think as we are a main Auto Locksmith company that we don't do normal Locksmithing such as Lock Replacement, Open Jammed Doors and even Doors when they have been shut and the keys are inside. We do, All of the things included opening high-Security Safes and locks. As James Cardiff Locksmith is Classed as a Niche Locksmith Company with a range of highly advanced services we still do the General locksmithing in Cardiff with our high skills and knowledge. 


Locked Out - Need Lock Replacement 

We are always seeing a lot of people in demand for our locksmith in Cardiff Service. Our operational times are 24 hours a day 7 days a week. YES Severn days a week we are operational. When a lot of our customers have been locked out it is not uncommon or unusual for them to want a lock change or lock replacement at the same time of, our locksmiths offering them another service. We understand that for many security reasons you may wish for a lock change at the time of one of our locksmiths opening the door for you. As you may have lost the only key and need or lock replacement or have had the key stolen and wish for the locks to be changed for additional security even being there is another key inside the premises.