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Lock Decoding

Lock Decoding is an advanced locksmith skill which a locksmith may wish to learn to add extra services to there locksmith business. Lock Decoding is self explanatory to what is to be done as a lock needs to be decoded to find codes to make up a new key to fit and work for the lock. There are many of locks which work in different ways which is why a decoding tool will only work for its desired lock it is made for. Example a mortice decoder will not work on a cylinder lock as the keys shape size and the way it works is entirely different. James Cardiff Locksmith is a highly ranked and well known locksmith in and around Cardiff. We try to stock the main Decoders for the most popular locks but if for reason we couldn't or didn't  have the right tools to decode your lock we would discuss other options with your self to establish the best route to take to give you a professional service which you will be pleased with. decoding locksmith cardiff

Lock Decoding happens when you have lost your keys, having your keys stolen would mean you would need a lock change. A locksmith charge for Decoding a lock can be just as expensive as fitting a new lock. People often state that the price for decoding a lock is quite high as they reference the price next to how much a lock change is. A locksmith decoding a lock can be a lot more challenging for a locksmith than fitting a new lock, When a key has been temporary made and checked to see if it is working correct in your lock the locksmith will discuss how many keys you wish to have before going to his / her key cutting machine to make you your new set of keys. 

Not only does your local emergency locksmith deal in decoding houses but James Cardiff Locksmith can also decode a variety of cars. When decoding a car we will open the car on the spot for yourself as the car is more than likely gonna be locked. After we had taken the Readings from inside the lock we will then make a new key from the readings. With the decoding part finished and the auto mobile open we will then program the new car key in to the vehicle for you with our top of the range diagnostic and key programming equipment for you. 

Our specialist locksmith Decodes all kind of locks so there isn't always and additional fee of changing the lock. 24 hour lock change.

Locks Which James Cardiff Locksmith Decode 

Mortice locks :-

  • Era Profit / Invincible
  • Era Vectis 
  • Union / Chubb
  • Chubb 114E high Security 
  • Era Fortress  / New Yale / Union Strong-bolt

Car laser locks :-

After We have decoded a key for a specific Lock our dedicated Auto Locksmith and General Domestic Locksmith Can make a key from a code which can act as the permanent key for its lifelong use afterwards. This can be very impressive for an instance were the lock is very worn which the existing key is very stiff to turn the lock and which the key would need to altered to the specific lock.