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Anti Snap Locks Cardiff

Anti Snap Locks - Can Fit Them In Cardiff, Penarth And  Barry

Prevention to Thieves

Anti-Snap locks are found mainly in UPVC doors or any lock with a housing to fit a Euro Cylinder. Euro Cylinders are extremely vulnerable to attacks from thief's and stapping the lock is a method which is commonly used. If you believe your lock needs changing as it may be vulnerable to a burglar you should phone a local locksmith company to get a lock change service to an upgraded lock. James your locksmith in Cardiff offers this and many more services please ring your trustworthy locksmith for more information


Upgraded Anti Snap LockThere are many ways which Euro locks offers protection against Snapping methods

  • Slits in face of lock to make the front the weakest point - Lock stays in position key is still able to work
  • Strenghen bar on the weakest part of lock - makes lock unable to be stapped even from a locksmith
  • ABS Cuts in face - Lock cam stays in place even when completely snapped and has cuts in side near face making a single snap unachievable to get access to cam.

Most commonly euro locks snapped are the ones which stick out further than the door handles but thief's do tend to snap ones which don't sit past the door handles as the knowledge of locks to burglars is growing to sophisticated levels. Having an Anti-Stap Cylinder can even make it difficult and challenging for even the best Locksmith to unlock. James Cardiff Locksmith has extensive knowledge of opening and fitting of these advanced type locks.


Other Types Of Anti Snap Locks

When Anti Snap locks are mentioned people often are referring to a Euro Cylinder but Rim Cylinders are also vulnerable to Snapping methods of entry. To make a Rim Cylinder unable to be snapped, the 2 screws that hold the lock in its position should be checked to see if they are the solid running threaded screws. The type with breaks in the thread allows people to fit the cylinder in quick time as careful cutting to size is not necessary but these screws make the lock liable to attack from an attacker. If you require to see if your locks need upgrading for whatever reason ring a local friendly locksmith who should be more than willing to help out.


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