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Mortice Lock

Mortice Lock Opening Cardiff

Mortice Locks Opening Cardiff

James Cardiff Locksmith can open all types and brands of mortice locks. The 2 methods we use include picking known as lock manipulation or Drilling in which we pilot hole into the drill body and pick up the correct leavers allowing us to throw back the bolt. 

Mortice Locks have been around for many of years. The earliest one which was recorded was in Ancient times. They can offer the very best in security from having 14 leavers which are found on Safes to just having 1Leaver, which would be found on your back garden shed called a Rim Lock. There are many makes and models which run into the Mortice Lock range.

Mortice Locks are often referred to as a Deadbolt. A deadbolt is fitted to many front doors which is normally the bottom lock fitted. Mortice Locks also deal with a lock called a Schlock which offers the same specifications as a Deadlock but with one additional feature which is a Latch. The Latch offers the aid for the door to be closed but not locked. 

Mortice Locks are found;

On Bedroom doors - Normally, a 3 Leaver Lock 

Cupboard doors to communal areas - 5 or 3 Leaver. Non-British Standard  and sometimes a Rim Lock 

Front or Back doors to your home -  5 Leaver British Standard 3621 

Garden shed  - 1 Leaver Rim Lock or even a 3 Leaver Non-British Standard

What makes a Mortice Lock British Standard to 3621:

The KiteMark 3621 is only given to a Mortice Lock which is at British Standard. These locks have been tested to the fullest by independent valuators to resist Thieves. These Locks tend to operate the bolt which is retracted and pushed into position from a device called a Curtain. The bolt on these locks are also reinforced with high grade material to disable the cutting through of theses locks. As 3621 Mortice Locks are fitted into the door directly, this makes it more difficult to see the keyhole, which isn't on show. All of these Locks will have some type of Anti Pick system put into the leavers in the lock to may it difficult to pick even for a professional locksmith

Have a High Security graded Mortice Lock is only as good as the door itself and the frame which it is locked in position to. If you require one of these locks fitted it should only be fitted by a competent person who is trained or a Locksmith. A Locksmith after completion of a British Standard lock would check to see how well your door and frame is compared to the lock. As if your frame gave lateral movement this would impair the design to the lock which may offer resistance from movement and able to show defects from forcible entry.

Popular Makes







All of these locks has a range which is at British Standard but please check with your Locksmith or a Competent Person to see if the lock you are purchasing is the one which is required. James Cardiff Locksmith offers a skill to make a key for your mortice lock if ever lost called Lock Decoding -  Cardiff Locksmith 


What is a Mortice Lock made up of 

Body of lock :-  

Every Mortice lock has different characteristic on style colour size of the case of the lock.

Thrower ;-

Has got a curtain thrower on BS standard locks which restricts the access to the inside and and works of the bolt on lower style locks

Bolt :-

 Normally has 1 inch of bolt throw from the door to the frame different models and makes have inserts in the bolt from hardened laminated strips to hardened metal steel rods

Receiver :-

Fitted direct to the frame of the door which must be solid with no play in it what so ever. 

Leavers :-

Can have as little is one to the BS standard of 5, Can have notches in the leavers to restrict the aid of picking only a locksmith will know the different kind of feels for a picking notch