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Sash Jammers

The Brilliance Of Having Sash Jammers In Your Home

Sash Jammers are just a small simple device which acts like a chain. Sash Jammers though don't allow no opening of any kind, when fitted and when in its locked position. Having a local locksmith fit these items to your home gives you ease that they are fitted correct and that if ever needed they will do exact what they are set out and made to do.  They come keyed or non keyed which ever you decide would be best for you is suitable. When your independent locksmith installs Sash Jammers what happens is when they are engaged and locked they Jam against the frame to stop the item being opened and as they are strong with steel running through the mechanism makes them nearly impossible to break.

James Cardiff Locksmith can fit these to any opening device you require, such as your doors, windows and letterbox. They can stop people entering your home even if they have a key. Windows being opened from children and even attacks to your home through the letterbox. 

Sash Jammers can only be operated from the inside of the property which makes these devices handy and very secure. As your independent locksmith in Cardiff we can make appointment best suited to instal these or similar devices with a cheap competitive price.

Our locksmith service uses these Sash Jammers in Emergencies as an overnight lock for when we have no permanent locks in stock and our temporary locks are not of size, until we can get the proper lock the following day. 

People who would Benefit From Sash Jammers

  • Parents with no locks on the windows
  • customers who feel vulnerable to letter box attacks 
  • Elderly and insecure people who would like to make sure that door is locked with a visual sight to see it is locked