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Privacy Policy

Privacy Too All Our Customers 


Your Privacy Is Our Concern

Most of the data that we collect is from electronic devices such as phones through calls and texts. Computers social media, WhatsApp, and even email. All of the equipment at James Cardiff Locksmith is security Password protected. If one of our devices ever got lost stolen the risk of someone accessing our data is really minute and small. 

We often collect addresses of people's locations through our mobile device and use this to find you like a lot of our customers are locked out and in need of us during an emergency. We usually delete this data soon after we resolved your issue of needing a locksmith but can reserve the right to keep it for a little longer if we want or need to for security reasoning. 

We do not keep key coding numbers for Keys as if you require a key to be cut for a second time it would more than likely be the same costs as before unless you have the key number to hand.