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Old Locks

Cardiff, Barry Locksmith - Old Locks and Maintenance 

Britain has many locks still in use which are nearly 2 centurys old. These Locks are on many old listed and non listed buildings within Cardiff and all

cardiff emergency locksmith barry newport 24 hourthe surrounding areas such as Churches and over historic places. They show a good historic characteristic to buildings as they are a lot larger and show that the door is well secure. Instead of leavers inside which are used today for traditional mortice locks they use wards instead which act a bit different to todays lock. Old locks should be regularly maintained by a knowledgeable locksmith who undergo old lock work. The Keys are of much larger size but are still available to get keys made up by specialist key duplication locksmiths. The keys over many years of use wear away when this happens a copy of the key is unavailable as  it no longer works in the lock. The lock now requires an experienced locksmith to come and make a key to work for the lock which can be very expensive. 

Another option is for when the lock breaks down is to retire the lock and have an additional lock fitted to have the British Standard requirement the locksmith dealing with your job will talk you what would be best suited for you. Having a new lock fitted as an additional preference for your door security will have many benefits such as :-

  • Have guarantee on the new lock which won't require much maintenance 
  • Still have the old lock as good characteristic to the door 
  • Keys are a lot cheeper to copy 
  • Have a British Standard lock in place 

Other Old Locks - Locksmith Cardiff

There are newer, old locks than ones fitted on old building which do break down and on most occasions it is quicker and more cost effective to have the lock changed than it being repaired and maintained. When a newer Mortice lock is requiered the locksmith in Cardiff may have to chissel a bit of your door in certain places to make it fit as some makes and models have been discontinued and no longer are available but James Cardiff Locksmith will do there very best to get the new lock as close in dimensions to the previous one.

Euro Cylinders and Rim Cylinders are widely available so if your lock is really old and have broken down. There is of high possibilities that the mobile locksmith will have one of the same size and more than likely which offers better security defences against attacks. These locks are very simple to change for a locksmith in Cardiff