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Landlords Cardiff Needing a Locksmith

Landlords in Cardiff regularly need a locksmith who is available at a moments notice thats why James Cardiff Locksmith should be the the Locksmith who you call. We understand all the needs why you need us from weather it was a planned eviction one of your tenants losing there keys or maybe even you wish to have all the locks changed on one of your properties as the tenants had moved out and new ones are moving in. You should never leave the same lock on the door from previous tenants as maybe they had given you the keys back but had they had any cut as you don't know they should be changed. We do regular work for Landlords of Cardiff and we give great respect to tenants. We hold a professional manner of interaction to people and find at there time of need we are always here to help. We carry the most popular locks and various ones which are not we never leave a job were there is no way of securing the door overnight as getting the door locked is a definite priority we believe in. If we don't hold a lock on the van which suits the door which comes at rare occasions we will give the door some type of locked security even if it is just for one night until we are able to collect or order the correct part. Some of our work is eviction proceedings  which is never nice for nobody if you require our locksmith service in Cardiff for one of these procedures we give everybody involved great consideration while staying dependable to the customer.

If you think one of your tenants locks is beginning to fail we offer maintenance to locks at fixed prices through out Cardiff. We do regular checks to houses to see if the locks require updating, changing or just adjusting. We are the most efficient locksmith in Cardiff as we have great experience in such a vast area. 

Landlords Locksmith Cardiff

Businesses Of Cardiff

We are here to help all Cardiff Businesses however big or small you may be. We operate on a total mobile locksmith service. We have encountered many needs why businesses need our help. Key won't turn the shutter lock to lift shutters up or maybe down to lock them. Lock or even door has become jammed or even the key has snapped in the lock. We hold the major high security locks in our stock as we believe all business buildings require that extra level of security. We can even supply and fit keyed alike systems to branded stores if you wish to have this service. We have had many maintenance contracts on businesses for the locking systems of stores, shops factories and branded premises.