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Auto Diagnostics


Since roughly the year 2000 Cars and vehicles on the road today come with an OBD port this allows machines to read the car's sensors and functions. Then relay it back to a diagnostic computer giving detailed feedback of the problem. When there is a problem with the Car the ECU (car's brain) saves a code called a DTC. Not always does the engine management light have to be eliminated for there to be a DTC saved within the ECU.

As an Auto Locksmith, we hold the up-to-date programmers which come into the line of having the most advanced Diagnostic tools before the main dealers. Sometimes it is the best option to go to main dealers as they have the most advanced software to read and understand what is happening and the problem in your car or vehicle. Currently, we are second from the main dealers with our two, car/vehicle diagnostics when are O.E level (not far away from dealer level equipment.)

Car Non Start

When the Automobile does not start it is commonly believed to be a fault with the key or immobilizer. The chances really are very never to be. In fact, there is more often than not some other fault. A common one is the starter motor, 


Why locksmiths Carry Car Diagnostic Tools

When we have to make keys at the roadside it is really common for us to find problems with vehicles especially older cars and some situations stops the locksmith from programming a key to the car when trouble codes are present. James your locksmith in Cardiff offers top diagnostic testing. 


Diagnostic Equipment Used

At present we have 2 main Diagnostic equipment we use which are so far from basic as possible and offer near enough the same level of professionalism as any many dealers. The Diagnostic platforms we use are called launch and Autotel. 



Diagnostic Testing

DTC Reading and deleting of trouble codes 

Live Data Reading

ECU Reprogramming

BSI Reprogramming

Actuator Testing  EXAMPLE - Door Looks, ECT

EEPROM Reading and Writing 

Module Adaptation

Immobiliser Data Reading and Writing 

Ecu Programming after flat battery

We Come To You

Like all of our other locksmith services in Cardiff, the same applies to our Locksmith Diagnosis Call. We come to you whether your home Work or on the roadside. We come to your destinations with our fully functional mobile workshop. The Locksmith usually takes around 30 minutes to perform a full diagnostic test on a vehicle this can sometimes be a little longer if the module needs adaption to the vehicle.