Auto Electrician and Vehichle Diagnosis

 Car Diagnostics - Auto Electrician Cardiff 

When the Automobile does not start, it is commonly believed to be a fault with the key or immobilizer. The chances really are very never to be. In fact, there is more often than not some other fault. A common one is the starter motor, Please, if this has arrived, Call Sumner Auto Electrics -  02922803305. James Cardiff Locksmith is a locksmith and not a diagnostic specialist who refers all work to Elijah Sumner. 

Sumner Auto Electrics



DTC Reading and deleting of trouble codes 

Wiring Issues - Fault Finding and Resolution Fixing Sumner Auto Electrics

OEM - Dealer Level Equipment used

Live Data Reading

ECU Reprogramming

BSI Reprogramming

Actuator Testing  EXAMPLE - Door Looks, ECT

EEPROM Reading and Writing -

Module Adaptation

Immobiliser Data Reading and Writing 

Ecu Programming after flat battery