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24 Hour Locksmith

Emergency - James Cardiff Locksmith is a long-established Emergency locksmith company that is always fully functional 24 hours daily. Not only do we do our very best to offer our services or locksmithing 24 hours per day, but 7 days a week.



Can I Call A Locksmith In Unsociable Hours?

24 Hour Lock Replacement

Yes, you Can. Maybe not all Locksmiths are like ourselves here at James Locksmiths Cardiff. We always try to answer every call no matter what time of day and use the functionality of our renowned locksmith company to our fullest ability giving your emergency need for a Locksmth most pleasurable as can be. Giving the public and business safe hands, knowing we are on call 24 hrs a day. We are your emergency locksmith service.  Most of our Services are available at any given time. 



What If I Call Locksmiths In Cardiff and There Is No Answer?

Not all Locksmiths in Cardiff offer a 24-hour emergency callout. James Cardiff Locksmiths offers around-the-clock emergency locksmithing Services wherever you may be within Cardiff. If you find yourself in need of a locksmith past unsociable hours we generally see this as an emergency and try to be with you as quickly as we can usually within the hour. This can lead up to a couple depending on how busy our locksmiths are. We will always keep you up to date on our ETA as bad communication in these situations can raise stress levels and make panic more inconvenient.

Sociable Hours 

Normally Monday to Friday Between 9am and 5pm

Un-sociable Hours 

Anywhere outside Sociable hours of Monday to Friday Between 9am and 5pm. Only Emergency Work is undertake in these hours.

  • Locked out 
  • Locked In
  • Broken Lock
  • Lock Fitting
  • Lock Replacemtent
  • Lock Changes for Valid reasons
  • Lost House Keys
  • Stolen Car Keys
  • Lost Car Key


Why Might You Need a 24-Hour Locksmith?

There are many reasons why a Locksmith may be required 24 hours a day. This is partially to most locksmiths in Cardiff job role of being an emergency locksmith. 



How Much Is A 24 Hour Locksmith In Cardiff?24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

As with most emergency Locksmiths, the price range changes in line with many key factors. James Cardiff Locksmith has many key factors that would change prices. Such as:-

  • Time Of Day
  • Weekends 
  • How Far Away You Are
  • What The Job Entails With Length Of Time To Do Job
  • Parts Cost 
  • How Many Locksmiths Are Required

For More Price Information, check out our Prices Page

24 hour

24-hour Locksmith Callout Service is available for all Emergency Locksmith requests, Cars, and houses. 


Call us anytime on 07967725135. We are happy to answer all Emergency Locksmith Requests.

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5 Star Reviewed Car and Emergency locksmiths throughout Cardiff. Professional Service Always.