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24 Hour Welding Service

Emergency Lock Welding

24 Hour Emergency Welding Service Through Out Cardiff

We are the only available company in Cardiff which offers 24 hours a day in Emergency Welding Not just 24-hour lock changes or 24 hour lockouts. This means you can phone James Cardiff Locksmith 24 hours a day which means day or night and our emergency locksmith service will be able to offer you a call out to come and provide yourself with our Welding Service. We carry a portable MIG Welder which is fully capable of Welding a large range of items and different size metals. 

What Can James Cardiff Locksmith Weld-On A MOBILE 24 HOUR Service?

Even though James Cardiff Locksmith is an established well-renowned locksmith company in Cardiff Offering tons of Service to the public, we can do on-the-spot welding. 

    • Large Shipping Containers doors have been Cut off 
    • Hasps And Staples were people have Crow barred them off
    • Plates over large holes 
    • Steel railings 
    • Steel Doors/fix and repair
    • Welding Locks to Shutters for shops
    • Aluminum Plates

I've Left My Keys Inside And Shut The Door Behind Me