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Winter Locksmith Kit

Winter Locksmith Kit

Winter 2022 Emergency Locksmiths 

While we are set in the middle of winter with Christmas upcoming, Problems are ever-growing, as well as joy, Happiness, and of course, getting ourselves Locked Out and in need of an Emergency Locksmith

Not all problems this winter concerning locks will require you to need James Cardiff Locksmith, Especially Auto and Car Locksmith urgencies. Doors and locks freeze up on all locks and at one time another; we can say this either has or will happen to us.

If you find you have a manual key and you insert it into the lock and either it won't go in all the way, or it won't turn. This will be down to the frost in the lock, which needs to be removed. We recommend you squirt WD40 and Deicer into the lock at 2-minute intervals, and eventually, the frost will break down, allowing you to open the lock. Whether it is a House lock or an Auto / Car Lock. We don't recommend you use our services until you have had a go at this.

This would be one of the first things we would try to open up your lock before using any of our other locksmithing skills. Our customers often feel like they need an urgent locksmith out straight away who is going to have to replace the locks. Still, truth be told, the lock is fine, and the ice and frost are the problem due to being a foreign object, so opening the lock rectifies this issue. 

Locksmith Un-Freeze Kit