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Emergency Door Opening + Locks Change

Emergency Door Opening + Locks Change

Lost / Stolen House Keys 

Our experienced locksmith was able to attend to this Door after the keys had been lost but the customer wasn't too sure if the keys might have been stolen. Within the hour James the locksmith from James Cardiff Locksmith was able to get to the location and open both locks sufficiently.

2 locks Opened 

One lock being a standard Nightlatch which our locksmith service sees a lot of. We can pick these and bypass them rather quickly.

The second lock being a mortice lock, This lock was a 5 lever British standard lock which is rather hard to pick and open but our locksmith service was able to open this one in a non-destructive manner within 25minuites. As the lock is also on the right-hand side of the door which makes it is rather more difficult for us to open. 

2 Locks Changed 

As the keys might have been stolen it was good practice for the locks to be changed rather than always having the doubt of note changing them. In this circumstance, the customer did have another set of keys inside the property but decided to have them changed regardless which our locksmiths fully supported her decision on this matter. 

Door Opening and Lock Change In An Emergency