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Training Undertaken - Auto

Training Undertaken - Auto

Training For us Auto Locksmiths, Most people who use our services are in desire belief that we know absolutely everything about the Auto Mobile / Car this is absolutely incorrect. We have a small understanding of the mechanical side of the vehicle and electrical components but not a great deal. Like Anybody in whatever trade we are all still learning no matter how much we know. No One knows everything. James Cardiff Locksmith has been an established locksmith company in Cardiff for many years and still come across new problems with the same faults and a range of different conclusions. 

A lot of the time vehicles don't start for some reason or other and this is automatically believed to be the Car key or immobilizer system. It is very small times we actually come to a conclusion of this actually being the right possible cause. 9 times out of 10 it has nothing to do with the keys or immobilizer system.  Our Auto Locksmiths see this on a number of occasions per week. We have decided to do some training on the Diagnostics side to give customers a better understanding of why their vehicle does not start when they have believed it to be a problem with the key or immobilization of the Car. 

Training - Auto Locksmith

Training Program 

We have signed up for a new learning program from established Tech topics with a wise Trainer Rob Drinkwater to hopefully get our diagnostics skills upgraded to find your vehicle / Car faults faster when they are unable to start. This is a year-long program so by the end we should have a much better chance of getting you on the road faster when your car is unable to start and which don't run into key-related issues. 

So why is a locksmith doing a diagnostic course on cars, The answer is simple we attend jobs that people believe to be key-related but we know as soon as we test the key and immobilizer components it is nothing to do with them but an unrelated issue which we cant find the cause too. So we would like to give an accurate conclusion to the reasoning behind why the Car or vehicle is not starting on one visit alone.