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Long Locksmith Week


As being Cadiffs most reviewed auto locksmith, this week has been overwhelmingly busy with Emergency Locksmith requests and Non. Our locksmiths have had a severely nonstop long week. Which included several cars to unlock which keys were locked inside. Opening of houses keys being lost and others being inside, Car keys being programmed to a Mercedes C Class convertible. The owner being in the belief the keys had been locked in the boot but when our trained locksmith opened the boot from non-destructive entry, Keys could not be found. Being a professional locksmith we programmed a key into the ESI and disabled all other keys within the system which disabled the keys nonpresent from starting the vehicle if later found we could later re-write and enable them again to start the vehicle and later work.

From only being halfway through the week one of our locksmiths is back at the Somerset training center facility to undertake more training on Car systems. This will incur us and our locksmith company to help when suspected immobilizer issues arise. James Cardiff Locksmith is not scared to admit we do not know everything and that training is a part of making progress. We believe every day we are learning and always trying to make our skills increase.

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