Cardiff & South Wales 24/7 Emergency Locksmith

I.D Check

I.D Check

Please Check Our I.D. 

If for some reason when our locksmiths come out and you feel worried for any reason please check our I.D.

Our Locksmith will not get offended if you do ask but appreciate the fact you had the decency to ask. Rather than feel unsettled. 


Reasons why you Might ask to see I.D

  • Some of our Locksmiths look young and this may make you a bit worried.
  • Not all the time do our locksmiths wear their uniform and the sign-written van may not be close enough for you to see. As our locksmiths work 24 hours a day 7 days a week they may come in their social clothing due to make it to your destination before going home or to the office to get changed.
  • You may be old and feel vulnerable this is not uncommon.
  • You may need our services late in the evening, night or early morning. As these times are very quiet it usually makes people nervous as not knowing who is coming to resolve their locksmith issue. Especially if you are alone.

Please Ask Our Locksmiths To Show You Their Identification If You Feel Unsure.