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2022 Happy NEW YEAR

2022 Happy NEW YEAR

James Cardiff Locksmith Welcomes a New Year 

We welcome everyone into the new year as much as we look forward, entering into it. After last night watching all the celebrations, we look high into knowing what this year will bring us all with high hopes arising. We will like to remind everyone to enjoy the new coming year and make time for family and friends as well as everyone self-time. One acknowledgement that we have learnt from 2021 is that time does not stand still and will not wait for anyone. Please give a little time to things you love and enjoy as time does not last forever. 

On that note, we are continuing to commit 2022 as of 2021 to locksmithing for all Auto Locksmith needs and Domestic needs. With most Locksmith needs undertaken from our services at James Cardiff Locksmith. For some reason, one question which we get asked regularly is do we do Domestic works. The short answer is yes. We started out as a Domestic Locksmith before we started the trade of an Auto Locksmith we have had more years of experience doing domestic than Auto or Car locksmithing but for some reason people think James Cardiff Locksmith is an Auto Locksmith Company but we do actually so much more than Auto and Domestic. 

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