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Need an Auto Locksmith who specializes in Mercedes Benz Car and van keys, look no further. James Cardiff Locksmith is a dedicated Auto Locksmith who deals with all Mercedes Benz key-related issues and gets you rolling on the road again in no time.


Key Programming/Codding, Mercedes Key

When you have lost your Mercedes keys it's very common for us to have you back on the road within around 2 hours this would be from this time you call us. It sometimes can take a little longer depending on which Mercedes vehicle you have but our locksmiths are very skillful at making keys and our usual processes are as follows.

  1. Come to your locationMercedes Key Coding
  2. Open your vehicle
  3. Cut you a key blade
  4. Take out Ignition EZS
  5. Program a key into your system
  6. Install Ignition Back in
  7. Start Car

All this is around 2 hours

What Mercedes Benz vehicles Our Auto Locksmiths makes keys for when they have been Lost?

  • Mercedes A Class 2004-2014
  • Mercedes B Class 2005-2014
  • Mercedes C Class 2000-2014
  • Mercedes Cl Class 1999-2006
  • Mercedes Cl Class 2006-2013
  • Mercedes Clk Class 1997-2002
  • Mercedes Clk Class 2003-2010
  • Mercedes Cls Class 2004-2014
  • Mercedes E Class 1996-20014
  • Mercedes G Class 2000-2007
  • Mercedes M Class 2005-2014
  • Mercedes R Class 2005-2013
  • Mercedes S Class 1998-2003
  • Mercedes Sl Class 2001-2011
  • Mercedes Slk Class 2004-2014
  • Mercedes Sprinter 2006-2018
  • Mercedes Viano 2003-2014
  • Mercedes Vito 2003-2014
  • Mercedes CLA Class 2013-2014
  • Mercedes GLA Class 2013-2014
  • Mercedes SLS Class 2010-2014
  • Volkswagon Crafter Which has the same system as a Mercedes Sprinter

These are the vehicles supplied with your traditional Mercedes Infrared keys which push into that slot in your dash. Then twist to turn on. People often think these keys are electronic because the ignition is electronic but in fact the key works of an infrared signal.

We also supply a lost key basis for the older style Mercedes Benz vehicle keys, which has a normal style key with a physical ignition to turn on the normal Mercedes vehicles which include the following vehicles.


  • Actros 1997 2007
  • Sprinter 1997 2006
  • V Class 1996 2003
  • Vito 1998 2006


  • LT28 2000 2006

These vehicles are supplied with the old-style YM15 keys which is an old side cut key.

Mercedes Sprinter Key Coding / Programming

One very familiar job we come across is the Sprinter van in the Mercedes range. This is one of the most common commercial vehicles on the road used by a wide range of trades and personnel. The very early Sprinter carries the old style Ym15 key while the newer up until 2018 Sprinter carries the Infrared key with the hu64 key blade which inserts into the electronic key case.

The programming and coding of the system are like all other Mercedes and are fully capable of programming a key on the roadside for this vehicle if you have managed to lose it. We can also offer to disable existing keys so they no longer start the vehicle or open It from the remote control.

Locked Out – Keys Locked In

Unlocking Mercedes Benz Vehicles – Keys usually get locked in the boot on Mercedes Vehicles. As with the older and newer cars it can be easily done as the car allows you to lock the vehicle even though a door or boot can still be open and makes it very possible to do user error and just leave keys inside then shutting the adjacent open door or boot. Mercedes vehicles also allow you to open a certain individual part of the car on its own such as the boot then shut in and have no way of reopening it. Even sometimes we see keys locked in the boot and the actual vehicle is open but no access into the rear end of the car (boot) as the back seats don’t fold down. Any eventuality of the keys locked in our locksmiths is here to help and give a professional service.

Mercedes - Keys Snapping

The older style Mercedes keys have a tradition of being weak and snapping. This is because they are cut on both sides of the keys and give the center stem a very weak point. After a continuous number of years of using the key eventually, they do become very weak and snap. Happens on the YM15 type of key.  As not many older Mercedes have central locking the key has to open all the doors individually and is used to operate the ignition as well as the petrol cap.

Abstraction of the broken key if it is snapped is very possible. Then we can cut you a new key from the two halves of the key or if need be, we can decode the lock from its cutting position and make a new key or keys from this. We tend to use the decoding procedure if the key heights are very worn due to not being a perfect fit.

Key-Systems, what they are Called.

FBS3 – All FBS 3 Systems are supported by our auto locksmith which can program keys into the vehicle's ECU. EZS Module.  We often have to remove the EIS / EZS from the vehicle and program a key directly into the system using our extensive Auto Locksmith knowledge known as a process called EEPROM. All different models of Mercedes carry different models of EIS / EZS systems such as the A-Class Mercedes Carries a module known as W169

Mercedes A Class (W169)
Mercedes B Class (W245)
Mercedes C Class (W203)
Mercedes CLK Class (W208)
Mercedes CLK Class (W209)
Mercedes C Class (W204)
Mercedes E Class (W210)
Mercedes E Class (W211)
Mercedes E Class (W212)
Mercedes CLS Class (W219)
Mercedes S Class (W220)
Mercedes CL (W215)
Mercedes CL (W216)
Mercedes SL (R230)
Mercedes SLK (R171)
Mercedes G Class (W463)
Mercedes R Class (W251)
Mercedes M Class (W164)
Mercedes GL Class (X164)
Mercedes Vito (639)
Mercedes Viano (W639)
Mercedes Sprinter (W906)

FBS4 – No Locksmith can currently program any key into any FBS4 system which are the newer type of Mercedes Benz vehicles that are most commonly known from 2015-2016 Onwards.  To have a key programmed to one of these systems on an all-lost key or second key, The key would have to be ordered and made directly from the dealership.


Dealer keys and What is the time?

Dealers are often referred to being very expensive, sometime this can be very true and other times not and rarely differs in every situation. Having lost your key and need a replacement immediately is probably better to arrange for an auto locksmith to come and assist.

 Ordering a second spare key from the dealership for a Mercedes car or van is probably the better scenario as no module needs to be taken out and taken apart. Mercedes Benz vehicle information is stored on a central computer which makes it very possible for likewise a key to be ordered in the post from the dealership which is also a genuine key and not a locksmith one.


Locksmith Mercedes Car Keys

The keys we will supply are not genuine keys but are referred to as Locksmith Keys. Our Mercedes Benz keys look very much identical to the ones which are supplied with your vehicle when purchased new. As Genuine key would come preprogrammed which comes with a wait time our locksmith's keys come to us blank and we have to find the data of the vehicle we wish to program it onto.

Locks / Key Profiles on Mercedes Cars And Commercial Vehicles

Mercedes Vehicles has only ever had 2 lockset key profiles throughout its entire Manufacturing period up until the current year 2021, which are YM15 and HU64. Both key profiles are pronounced to the Mercedes vehicle brand. The Ym15 is being used on the older style Mercedes vehicles and the Hu64 being used from middle year cars and vans up until Current.

Steering Lock Failure

Keys not turning in the lock – Not a keys-related issue. The first thing which area which someone would imagine as to why the key is not turning would be that the ignition or key is at fault which is not correct. As soon as the key is inserted into the Mercedes ignition lock the steering lock gets deactivated which allows the key in to turn in the ignition. The process is as follows the key is inserted the steering lock gets deactivated and allows the key to turning the vehicle on. We can deactivate the steering lock if we find this at fault and turn it off by fitting an emulator into the system so it no longer is a valid signal and the vehicle no longer looks for the steering lock.