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Locksmith Cardiff - What is inside of a lock and how each lock is different

The Components in each and every lock with different makes and models is different. While lock types stick to the same component in general terms a locksmith knows that each variation in the model has certain items changed. For Example Car locks use Wafers to form the locking and unlocking sheer line. Mortice locks use leavers set to different heights and thickness' for different makes. Cylinder locks use pins to push down to make up the Sheer line and some of the newer more expensive cylinders use chuck a magnetic pin into there locks to make it more secure against picking which requires the pin to be lifted instead of the typical traditional method of pushing it down.

Car Lock - Laser Cut And Side Cut Keys

Car locks are in sight terms very much are like cylinder locks other than the fact that they are fixed to cars rather than houses or commercial buildings. They act in an identical way such as they use a plug to control the door being locked and unlocked which needs the correct key with correct cuts in it to make it align for the sheer line to open.

Laser Keys 

Newer Cars use laser cut keys to make up the sheer line for the lock the advantages of having a laser-cut key is that when it is in your pocket there is less risk of it stabbing your leg due to the fact of it