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Here at James Cardiff locksmith, we provide a service where we can programme and cut you a fresh Key what is also known as Car key coding. Most Car Key Coding companies are normally located in one single place and you have to go to them for this service, whereas James Cardiff locksmith is mobile and is 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year round. It is now the law for all vehicles that are now manufactured in Europe has to be fitted with an immobiliser, they are designed to try and stop theft and there is less chance of your car getting stolen. With this being said modern car keys have a concealed transponder Chip that deactivates the car's immobiliser. People think the key is programmed to the car but that’s not the case the car is programmed to the key. Here at James Cardiff locksmith, we have the experience and the right tools to programme both sides of the car immobiliser and the transponder chip so once again we can rescue you from a stressful time. There are some vehicles that we cant do as they may need to be coded by the main dealer, but with one phone call, we can help you in the right direction so please feel free to call we are here to help. Most second-hand cars only come with one key I would advise anyone who has one key to get the second pair coded and cut as it may save you stress and expensive costs if anything may occur. At James Cardiff locksmiths we can also erase a code from the immobiliser and replace it with a new one and that will erase the chip on the lost or stolen key and that will not work and be useless to anyone. The best thing about James Cardiff locksmiths is that we always use up to date software and tools to do the job you require quick and professionally. The software that we use to do car key coding charge us as a locksmith for tokens and then we charge you off that so every car key price will be different. This is because the higher value your car is the more tokens we get charged so the price can vary. With that being said if you call us for a quote we will be able to give you an answer on whether we can do the job or not and we will give you a fixed price if we can and It will not change ( No Hidden Fees ). There is a difference between cloning a key and programming one, if you want one cloned then you lose a key and need a new one both keys will NOT work as the code will need to be deleted, but if you would like it programmed then it will give you a fresh individual code for a fresh individual key. Most newer car keys won't accept being cloned and will need to be programmed direct to the Cars ECU's memory which will need to be done by a certified locksmith. (IMPORTANT) please do not ask anybody to do this job that has no training as it could result in you paying thousands to put right.

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